How to win with Engi cruiser?

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How to win with Engi cruiser?

Postby mariaevinne » Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:24 am

This particular ship only has an Ion blast as starter weapon which deals no damage to ship structure. How are we supposed to survive 1 encounter if we can't damage any ship early game? Flee all the time?
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Re: How to win with Engi cruiser?

Postby Lamina » Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:10 pm

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Re: How to win with Engi cruiser?

Postby Arthur Dent » Sun Jul 23, 2017 6:45 pm

Also, the ion weapon can temporarily deactivate systems once the shields are down. So once you hit the shields, divert the next shot to the weapons system, that will at least delay the firing of the enemy's weapons, ideally until your drone damages it.
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Re: How to win with Engi cruiser?

Postby KosmicKat » Sun Dec 10, 2017 3:30 am

The only time I have one the game is with the Engi cruiser...
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Re: How to win with Engi cruiser?

Postby Stormbringer » Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:02 am

ay mate

you win by:

essentially spamming ion blast for the first few encounters, using drones as hull damage.

if you come across an early ship with weapons only able to pierce one layer of shield (IT HAPPENS) spam ions on their shields and oxygen to kill their crew by asphyxiation. either that or spam an empty room to train your crew's weapon skills. switch the human to the weapon room, and engi to piloting. once you've done enough
killing by asphyxiation you'll have enough scrap to get good weapons. and upgrade shields.
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