First Victory on Hard!

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First Victory on Hard!

Postby Obz3hL33t » Fri Jul 29, 2016 7:42 pm

Won in the Basilisk with a top-notch wrecking crew of 1 Rock, 3 Mantis, 2 Human, and 2 Engi.

Unlike on Normal difficulty, the melee guys were practically useless in the final battles, so I just used them for damage control and fire suppression. However, having been blown to pieces before on Hard with paltry weapons and a hard-core wrecking crew I came prepared this time: 1 Flak-1 + 2 BL2's + 2 Reloaders.

Taking the triple-missile-shots mostly on the chin with a single paltry Mk1 Def Drone I ignored the missile launcher -- impossible to keep suppressed -- and just went for the shields and engines and a quick kill.

Going for the launcher is kind of a sucker play. It has ONE LEVEL to repair, so taking it out gives you about 3 nanoseconds' breathing room. Go for the shields and engines instead.

I wish I'd had a Mk2 to complement my Mk1 Defense Drone, but hey any game that stocks the stores with BL2's is one where you got lucky.

Unlocked every ship; beat the game on Hard ... what a ride. Great game.
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