[Idea] Crew Skill Synergies

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[Idea] Crew Skill Synergies

Postby nyskrte » Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:20 pm

So I've been looking at the crew skill system for awhile and noticed how basic it is, most game sessions you'll put a crewmember in each main system and just keep them there so they'll only ever master one skill despite the ability to learn up to six.

The idea I'm suggestion is that crewmembers who are not the active user of a room can passively gain skill whilst in the room if it is being controlled by another crewmember at a reduced rate. Either at 50% or 33% rate. That way, it is more feasible to have a crew with several skills a piece so if one happens to die, another will be able to step in right away and be efficient at the role.

And for the super-micromanagers, levelling up multiple skills on a single crewmember both to green/gold status would give minor bonuses for that crewmember. To promote variety, the same room type synergy can not be benefited from twice. Depending on how hard it would be to implement, enemy crews could also benefit from the synergy system.

PILOTING: (Synergy only active whilst in Piloting room)
Engines 2%/4% chance to evade Missiles
Shields 3%/6% chance to evade Ion projectiles
Weapons 3%/6% chance to evade Laser projectiles
Repair 3%/6% chance to evade Beam projectiles
Combat 2%/4% chance to evade Bombs

ENGINES: (Synergy only active whilst in the Engine room)
Piloting FTL charge speed increased by 0.125%/0.25%
Shields +1/+2 evasion
Weapons Enemy drones are 20%/40% slower
Repair FTL charge speed increased by 0.125%/0.25%
Combat +1/+2 evasion

SHIELDS: (Synergy only active whilst in the Shields room)
Piloting Shields charge 5%/10% faster
Engines 1%/3% chance to reflect Ion projectiles back
Weapons 1%/3% chance to reflect Laser projectiles back
Repair 1%/3% chance to reflect Beam projectiles back
Combat Enemy vessels fire 5%/10% slower

WEAPONS: (Synergy only active whilst in the Weapons room)
Piloting Missile weapons charge 5%/10% faster
Engines Beam weapons charge 5%/10% faster
Shields Laser weapons charge 5%/10% faster
Repair Bomb weapons charge 5%/10% faster
Combat Enemy vessels have -2/-4 evasion

Piloting Repairs subsystems/Piloting systems 15%/35% faster
Engines Repairs Engine/Cloaking systems 15%/35% faster
Shields Repairs Shields/Oxygen systems 15%/35% faster
Weapons Repairs Weapons/Drone Control systems 15%/35% faster
Combat Repairs Medbay/Crew Teleporter systems 15%/35% faster

Piloting 30%/60% reduced friendly fire
Engines 10%/20% increased movement speed
Shields -1/-2 damage taken in boarder combat
Weapons 5%/10% increased combat damage
Repair 15%/30% increased sabotage damage
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Re: [Idea] Crew Skill Synergies

Postby Maze1125 » Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:26 pm

Nice concept. I don't necessarily agree with all the choices for synergies, but no better ones immediately spring to mind, so I'll just give this a *thumbs up*.
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Re: [Idea] Crew Skill Synergies

Postby nyskrte » Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:29 pm

Thanks, the bonuses I came up with were all I could think of within the boundaries of the game system. If I missed anything that already exists within the game that could be swapped out for them without causing game imbalance please voice them.
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Re: [Idea] Crew Skill Synergies

Postby Drasha » Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:45 pm

I would like to see crew get some more depth as well. It would be cool if the first rank in a skill gave them a special ability like lock down. Maybe a short boost to engines or the ability to instantly lock down an enemies engines if they are in the enemies engine room. Some thing that might make you want to do some thing other then have them sit at their desk all the time.
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Re: [Idea] Crew Skill Synergies

Postby SSk77 » Sun Sep 23, 2012 1:06 am

Nice concept but some things will never be able to increase and decrease by percent, damage in the game is only by 1,2 or 3, no 1,5, no 2,5, so you couldb't add 10 percent of damage...
But this concept is really good.

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