Will there be customization?

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Will there be customization?

Postby Ace » Sun Sep 16, 2012 7:32 pm

Such as adding paint jobs to ships, adding decals to rooms, placing where the doors will be, maybe even building a ship from scratch along with giving crew members armor, different colored clothes, etc.
It would be a nice feature to see in the game, in my opinion, it would make it a whole lot more interesting for me.
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Re: Will there be customization?

Postby louistodd » Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:30 pm

That's something that would be really great. When you customize ships it should give you a picture of an outside ship (for example The Kestrel) and let you rebuild the rooms placed inside the ship. It is probably possible to edit the ships picture.
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Re: Will there be customization?

Postby Centaurishin » Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:53 pm

Oh, god, just being able to rebuild rooms would be amazing. But there would be problems, and solutions.


-You cannot build outside of the ship proper. You'll have a grid inside the ship that you're forced to build inside, so you don't have crazy, wonky structures extending outside the skin of the hull.

-You'll have a scrap limit. Basically, each part, even the required parts, cost a certain amount of scrap, from hallways to subsystems to main systems. Adding levels to systems will also cost more scrap--you could reasonably turn a ship into a weak, winding maze or a powerful five or six roomed fortress with upgraded parts.

-You can choose what systems can, or cannot be installed, and permanently disable some systems for a ship design scrap boost. For example, you can choose to disable sensors for purchase, and gain an extra two hundred scrap for building your ship, however you'll never be able to attain sensors in the game.

Alternatively, you could choose not to install sensors on the ship and have them purchasable from a store for an extra twenty-fifty scrap boost in ship designing funds.

-Room number requirements will be needed. Barring complete disabling, a subsystem needs a place to go--you'll have to add a room for it somewhere, and mark it as the location for that particular subsystem--such as, you need a room for teleporters, cloaking, drones--so on, and so forth.

-You can customize starter weapon loadouts, depending on funds. Super weapons like the two-missile firing thingie and the Glaive would obviously cost more than a clunky basic laser.

-You can customize augmentations, at a scrap cost.

-Any ship type can be customized--each with it's own scrap limit. Weapon systems would remain the same (IE, the type A Engi ship has 3 weapons and 3 drone slots, while the Kestral has 4 weapons and 2 drone slots.)
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Re: Will there be customization?

Postby The New Romance » Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:59 pm

Cosmetic customization would be cool. Technical customization, though, will probably not happen, as the developers mentioned they tried it out becase it seemed like a cool idea, but then turned out to be very unbalancing and unfun.

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