Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby jeffreyac » Mon Dec 31, 2012 5:53 pm

I have two ships left to unlock, the crystal and the slug.

Going for the slug - many, many runs where I didn't see the slug homeworld, sprinkled with a few trips where I see the slug homeworlds, but never get the event.

Then... the one time. I find the slug homeworlds, realize I already have the upgrades I need... and... get the event!!

I think oh, man - after all the attempts, I finally got it! This is AWESOME! I'm already imagining what the new ship will be like... I win the fightm get them to surrender, they agree to give me the location I need! Money, baby - we're in this time!! 8-)

...but then, when the time came for them to add the quest marker to the next sector for where to find the ship, the quest dialogue says something to the effect of 'Sadly, you realize you don't have time for the quest, with the need to get to the Federation headquarters, so the quest will have to wait another day.'

I hadn't paid any attention, but the Slug homeworlds were sector 7 - and I guess you can't have a quest marker in sector 8. So the quest ended itself... :shock:

Then, another day, I got it again - I was experimenting with an Engi attack ship, with a lot of drone weapons. Got the quest, got the ship, and even got to the quest marker - all I have to do is beat the ship!

I learned something here - with drone weapons (which you can't aim), it's REALLY hard to prevent a ship from trying to escape.

The Slug ship escaped almost patheticly easily, and left me to gnaw on my computer keyboard in rage...

That's the only 2 times out of all my playthroughs I've even been close.

(I've never even been close on the crystal one - best I can do is get a crystal crewmember, but never seem to manage to do so before hitting the Rock homeworld, assuming I can find it...)
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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby Tekidek » Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:14 pm

Gunnar wrote:I found the crystal stasis chamber.

I looked up what this was for, and it said you have to go to a planet with the Zortek scientists who ussually ask you to do a study.

Well, guess what planet I saw right before finding the stasis chamber?



Argh, this happened to me once.

One thing I hate is when I'm playing a human-only ship (er.. Kestrel) and while attacking a pirate ship 'til he surrenders, he gives me ANOTHER human. I should at least be able to choose which race I want a slave to be.
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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby vashts1985 » Tue Jan 01, 2013 12:42 am

**Spoilers** **Spoilers** **Spoilers** **Spoilers**

the first time i FINALLY beat the rebel flagship and this happened


followed by this

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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby ExtraCheesyPie » Tue Jan 01, 2013 12:59 am

vashts1985 wrote:**Spoilers** **Spoilers** **Spoilers** **Spoilers**

the first time i FINALLY beat the rebel flagship and this happened


followed by this


I watched some LP's before buying the game (Namely Northernlion's) and I only saw him beat the first phase. Little did I know that there was a third...
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I hate FTL...

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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby UltraMantis » Tue Jan 01, 2013 3:10 am

You know what he means. ;) My reaction was almost the same. Quick burst of elation and relief, followed quickly by despair... :(
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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby More Dakka » Wed Jan 02, 2013 2:53 am

Ditto on the Slug ship frustration... I just had an otherwise *excellent* run with the Basilisk (ended up fully upgraded -- yeah, Easy level; was rewarded a BL3 early on and sold it to buy a BL2 in the very next beacon; had a three mantis/1 crystal/1 engie/1 slug/1 rock crew), marred by only two things, really.

1) very little availability of augs (got a Scrap Recovery Arm around sector 3, and an FTL jammer as a reward late game, but practically every store I saw after the early game was selling crew/weapons, not augs) and

2) the Slug Homeworld -- necessary for the only Type A ship I haven't yet unlocked -- was Sector 7 for me, meaning the quest chain was impossible to complete.


At least I knew I could massacre all the slug crews I found and get the extra scrap. Mercy? That's not in our dictionary. :D
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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby Number43 » Wed Jan 02, 2013 5:20 am

Once on the last fight of sector 7 I lost my 4 man boarding crew to an enemy FTL jump (it wasn't a ship with a 4 man teleporter, I upgraded the teleporter to level 3 and used it twice.) They were all rockmen or mantis and fully leveled in combat.
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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby Megas Domestikos » Wed Jan 02, 2013 1:55 pm

In my recent game as Zoltan B I got to the Flagship with ridiculous ease. I don't think I ever lost more than like 10% of my hull.

However when I got to the fight I was unable to beat him since I had not upgraded weapons and I did not have any anti-ship drones.
I took out its guns and all, but I was unable to take out their shields. The two ion cannons could take them down to 1 or so, but then it would go stealth and replenish the shields preventing my use of the beam. I did get two good hits but then it just became so annoying to wait 15 minutes to hit once so I ragequit :D

Not the first time I lose to flagship of course but it was so hard to swallow because I had gone to that point with such ease.
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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby nafuid » Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:45 am

Ok, here's mine. I'll warn you it has a happy ending, so if you're not into that just skip it.

--- The Backstory: ---
Many'th so far fruitless attempt with Engi B. Doing ok in sector 3 but in need of better weapons. Made it through sector 4 with lots of patience and luck, but still no weapon. Entering sector 5 I have saved a good bit of scrap but am getting desperate because I have no answer for level 3 shields. Without a store in sight I spent some scrap on defence so I could maybe survive long enough to find a store. Three jumps from end of 5 I find a store with weapons. All bombs and missiles. Checking inventory, I have 4 missiles and store has another 3 so this smells like a losing strategy. Store also has a teleporter. Checking crew, I have 1 Engi, 1 Human and 1 Slug. One of the bombs the store has is a fire bomb. This smells like desperation, but may be possible. Ok, teleporter + fire bomb it is. We're going boarding with the Vortex!

Luck turns in sector six. By mid sector 7 I have acquired a decent crew including 2 Rock, the perfect complement to my fire bomb and teleporter. I start to think this may actually be winnable. But, I have neither seen a store nor gotten any fuel since sector 5 and can't make it to the exit where I know 10 free fuel awaits at the start of sector 8. I go for the exit. I run out of fuel. The Rebel Fleet catch me as I turn on my distress beacon and wait...

So along comes a Rebel ship with fuel on board. Ok I think, let's do the Rock + Fire Bomb thing, get the fuel and be on my way. Ship is tough. Not that it is going to hurt me much, but will take a while. Has teleporter (delaying my own boarders), an anti-personnel drone and a good med bay. I repel his boarders, light fires on second attempt (first missed), sent in Rock, not taking damage. Then...

--- The Kick: ---
In a flash I learn the hard way that in this specific circumstance a ship can jump away with no warning whatsoever about FTL drive charging. With my Rock boarders on it.

--- The Gut Check: ---
Out of gas further behind rebel lines and without my boarding team two jumps from sector 7 exit. Very tempted to rage quit, but managed to follow my one firm rule about playing FTL which is:

Never, Never, Under Any Circumstances Rage Quit.

This game has to kill me. As long as I have one hull and 1 crew I keep fighting. Without this rule I would have 1/5th the number of wins. Almost every successful run has at least one "this is impossible" moment. This run was only special because it had 4 or 5 and they were beginning to wear me down.

--- The warm fuzzy happy time part: ---
Next ship that came along was the same type. I had to use inexperienced boarders, but was much more aggressive knowing there was a time limit. Got the fuel, jumped out of Rebel territory straight into an easy fight which gave me a Breach MkII bomb, the perfect thing to take out the Flagship med bay and allow my weaker boarders to kill the crew. And killing crew was a necessity because the only hull damaging weapons I had were a Heavy Laser I and a Beam Drone! Boss fight went great, and I gained new respect for the lowly Beam Drone which tore up the Flagships hull and Zoltan shield amazingly well.
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Re: Your "Fuck you, FTL" Moments

Postby Zzinged » Sun Jan 06, 2013 8:24 am

Cruising along in the stealth ship.
Visit many stores that have no weapons.
Run into Zoltan fighter.
Have nothing that can penetrate 3 shields.
Ion cannon locking down my FTL drive.
Go from full hulls to space dust.

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