So, how did your first run go?

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So, how did your first run go?

Postby geldonyetich » Fri Sep 14, 2012 3:14 pm

Being the apparent expert in strategy I am, I found easy mode to be going extremely well... then I jumped into a boarding encounter with two rock men next to a sun going supernova.

I vented a lot of my compartments to route them to my medibay where I figured my three-man crew would be able to overpower them. That seemed to be working well.. then the supernova went off and I suddenly had a fire in my medibay. Between the rock men and the fire, my crew were suddenly losing health! I had no choice but to abandon the medbay.

Despite knowing the risks involved, I thought I'd try to put out the fires in medbay and simultaneously force the Rockmen out by depressurizing the medbay... they went next door (this being a Kestrel, of course) and promptly knocked out my door panels. Whoops, all those depressurizing rooms were now *stuck* being depressurized.

I had a system repair drone up, so I powered it in hopes it would go over and repair the medbay. So it did. But, soon afterward, the Rockmen knocked out my drone bay. I moved my crew into the powered medbay, where they were kept alive at a sliver of health while being suffocated.

After trashing my helm, the rock men eventually succumbed to suffocation. However, my ship was now immobilized, still considered "in danger" so I was unable to upgrade my medibay, and my crew was in no position to repair anything, and my ship was being slowly ravaged by solar flares!

There was no way out, I ordered my crew on a suicide mission to fix the O2 generator. They didn't make it. Good times. :lol: Suffice to say, I'm upgrading my medbays to level 2 early so this can't happen again.
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Re: So, how did your first run go?

Postby Brooke81 » Fri Sep 14, 2012 3:39 pm

Hey all First time on here and first time playing the game, Devs love it btw good work.

My first run was going ok until I got distracted buy something and my hull just disappeared haha and then boom.

Second run went better I got always to the boss too out one part of the ship but I ran out of missiles and my lasers just wasn't getting past his shields so it was a stale mate do had to jump but couldn't get resupplied before it got the the fleet and lost.

But awesome game.
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Re: So, how did your first run go?

Postby geldonyetich » Fri Sep 14, 2012 4:02 pm

My second run was another "things were going great until" situation...

Things were going great until I encountered a mantis ship. No problem, he only had one shield, no doubt my Hull Smasher I laser would soon have his weapons down.

Of course, he soon beamed over his crew but I put down the invaders in a fairly textbook manner. No, it's not them that caused me problems...

... what caused me problems was some missile launcher he had that launched GIANT missiles that ignored my shields (as missiles do), punched holes in my hole, and left behind fires! Once the weapon system went down, it was all downhill from there.

In retrospect: I might have been able to survive had I kept that system repair drone allowing me to have an extra edge in repairs. Another major point would have been to prioritize keeping my weapons up even if it meant ignoring my O2 generator and engine.
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Re: So, how did your first run go?

Postby Clambush » Fri Sep 14, 2012 4:23 pm

Not well... I wish I knew I could open doors to stop fires lol.

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Re: So, how did your first run go?

Postby geldonyetich » Fri Sep 14, 2012 5:03 pm

Hah, indeed so!

Death number three, two words: Slug treachery.

(Apparently leaning heavily on offense to keep you safe - as having a weapon pre-igniter tends to make one wont to do - can be rather problematic when your weapons suddenly aren't available. My two layers of shielding just wasn't enough. :oops: )
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Re: So, how did your first run go?

Postby NTaylor » Fri Sep 14, 2012 5:47 pm

Loving the game so far and am on about my eighth or so run. My first run I made it to the boss but he killed me in seconds as I had 3 shields and a couple of level one drones. Second run I had unlocked the ship for reaching sector 5 and used that one got to sector seven and died to some random rebel ship in an asteroid field.

Then decided to use the stealth ship got to sector 4 and just got owned by asteroids. Every other run has been with the kestrel again and got to sector 8 on my last run just now managed to kill the first level of the boss and was very happy then found out you have to fight him again and suffice to say my 3 hull points wasn't enough.
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Re: So, how did your first run go?

Postby marinepower » Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:05 pm

I knew most of the basics from watching Nerd3's videos, so I probably did better than most on my very first run. I tried to save money the entire run, but I never got a shop that sold weapons, so I ended up putting all my scrap into 4 points of shields. I essentially ended up running from every encounter the last two sectors, and managed to make the jump to the final sector with 1 single lifepoint. From there, I flew around, repaired my ship to full health, and died horribly to the final boss. (I noticed this was an achievement after the run ended, but I didn't get it unlocked. Glitch, maybe?)

Was pretty fun, but I never realized how repetitive this game is from watching the lets-plays. They have missiles? Use a missile to hit their weapons. They don't? Hit their shields with a missile, then blast their shields with lasers until they die. Absorb their hits with your own shield. I really hope they do something to expand the combat, because I feel it's quite boring the way it's currently set up.
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Re: So, how did your first run go?

Postby Zelnick » Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:23 pm

My first run was a disaster, killed by the first enemy in the first sector (was a mercenary/Zoltan Bomber, i think). The first hit killed my shield, 2nd my O2 and set my half ship on fire. I shot 4 missiles and all miss. Then, the bastard killed my Crew and the captain was alone in the medbay, all doors open with few health. yeah, the medbay was the only room, which wasn't red or on fire :lol: like clambush's pic above. And i forgot, that i can pause the game. Decent 56 points.
And yes, i watched most vids out there, so i knew nearly all mechanics.
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Re: So, how did your first run go?

Postby irnehhenri » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:05 pm

My first run went pretty well! I did know some tricks as I watched gameplay videos of the beta (I was too exited for this game). I got to sector 6 but then I just got destroyed because of my weak guns :lol:
Unlocked the Torus on the first run tho!
I was expecting it to be alot harder, but I haven't tried the Normal setting yet, probably will just get owned.
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Re: So, how did your first run go?

Postby curithwin » Fri Sep 14, 2012 9:03 pm

I did get the the end sector and died on the last boss... but after that I struggled getting the weapons and scrap I needed.. So it was a few battles till I got back to the boss and still NOT beaten him. Mind I have unlocked four more vessels and 3 variants.

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