Update v1.0 & v1.01 - Very few changes

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Re: Update v1.0 & v1.01 - Very few changes

Postby snipun » Mon Nov 19, 2012 7:31 pm

dante2ndadvent wrote:I'm trying to understand peoples problems with this game.

I payed $10 for this a month ago, and have since put in maybe a hour a day into it (usually get it at least one run after lunch, work slows right down around then). That's at least 30 hours invested in it, which is pretty freaking good, considering you'll be lucky to get 20 hours out of most AAA console releases these days (and pay ten times as much for the privilege).

That's $10 for a game that's never crashed, has no bugs that I've found, and actually involves some basic strategic thought (which explains why it took me a week to crack the flagship, but I digress).

And now I've finished it, I get to add mods( finally) and play an almost entirely different game. How is this not awesome?

To everyone bitching about this (and granted, there's very few), go back to your COD and WOW or whatever skill-less juvenile crap the kids are playing these days.

You're not needed here.

To the devs and the mods, keep it up.

Having a game not crash on me is not worth saying the game is good, it's a prerequisite for it being a purchasable product. This is not a playable game. There are so many broken things in here that the waterfall effect of not being able to counter specific attacks no matter what you do is reason enough to tell people to specifically not purchase this game (which I have done).
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Re: Update v1.0 & v1.01 - Very few changes

Postby spacecadet13 » Mon Nov 19, 2012 7:59 pm

You claim "there are so many broken things in this game." List two, go on, please, be fascinated to see them. Oh, and FYI, just because this game kicks your butt every now and then with something you are utterly powerless against does not mean its broken, it means you have to click "New Game" and try harder.
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Re: Update v1.0 & v1.01 - Very few changes

Postby boa13 » Mon Nov 19, 2012 8:00 pm

This old thread is not the place to have such an argument. Locked.
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