Suggestions for FTL 2

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Suggestions for FTL 2

Postby lolmaus » Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:47 am

FTL is great!

But it lacks some space-rogue stuff.

1) Free galaxy exploration. Being constantly pushed forward is kinda restraining. :( Also, the scale of reachable world should get bigger as you become tougher and upgrade your engines. Start with simple thrusters in your homeworld's orbit, or an asteroid field, or a remote transit station. Roam around, make errands to get some dough and buy yourself your first engine that lets you travel around the star system. Then buy a license to use the gates to travel between star systems. Then become rich and afford an FTL drive to reach the remote stars!

2) Being able to devote time to teching up. FTL discourages me with the fact that i'm unable to upgrade my ship to the necessary extent. I just never find enough guns, schematics, shops and scrap. And the game pace does not let me to float around collecting stuff! You just run through the galaxy picking up what's on your way, not being able even to deliberately travel to a shop to buy a certain upgrade. D'oh!

3) Starting as a lone warrior. Being an empire's last hope in the first place drains all romantics out of the infinity of space. I'd rather be on my own, polishing my clunker and getting ready to breaking out of my homeworld. Being able to choose which faction to align to is crucial and a reputations system would be great. What if i wanna make a career of a pirate, running away from galaxy military forces all over the galaxy and looting good guys?

4) Trade. Okay, most of economy-based space exploration games are tedious. Getting rid of all trade from FTL made FTL a candy. But a space exploration game that lets you neither stuffing your cargo bay nor purchasing new ships (and taking them by force!) is... not a true space exploration game?

If FTL team announces FTL 2 with this kind of improvements, i'd pay three times as much as i had paid for beta access.
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Re: Suggestions for FTL 2

Postby Paul » Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:26 am

My thoughts;

1) I have to say this would be awesome, however, I don't know if this is actually what's planned for the "continue playing", or it's the pressure of the rebels taken off, or any other aspect.

2)I think this constant slight lack of equipment and funds is a feature of a rougelike- if we could always afford everything on offer, and everything in the shop, and play through with out 4 favorite weapons every playthrough the game could become boring.

3) I don't know if you've unlocked it yet; the second layout of the engi cruiser has only one crewmember; i know this isn't quite the same as choosing your alliance but i'd expect that would require several times as much writing the events (eg, meet a mantis ship. if you're human/zoltan/rockmen, "fiiiiiiight" if you're engi "enslave" and if you're mantis "help" obviously paraphrasing events there)

4) There is trade to a degree- selling weapons and drones found. I don't think i'd personally want any more than this; What I would like to see, though, is same sort of "towhook" augmentation. Imagine the scene. fighting a huge rebel ship, and you send in your mantis and rockmen to mush the crew. then you strip it for.....2 fuel and 20 scrap. Surely there should be some sort of option to tow it to a store and attempt to sell it; a mildly dented rebel ship should bring in quite a lot of scrap! Also, if your main ship becomes destroyed, i'd really like to see perhaps one member of crew escaping into the ship you're currently towing, to continue onwards alone; in a rebel ship they wouldn't be attacked to start with, allowing time to repair and recruit..... Just a thought.
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Re: Suggestions for FTL 2

Postby namkn » Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:26 am

So you basically want FTL 2 to be a privateer-like game. But there is already a lot of these games, and having one with just a bit more complex system of repair-making is not really interesting. Additionally, there is already a sequel of X-series in development and it will just win this field because of better graphics.

I think FTL should remain a roguelike. What I think sequel needs is:
a)Ability to have other ships under player's undirect control and fleet-to-fleet combat system. Maybe add a "necromancer" ship class which salvages defeated ships and simple AI roles for those ships in fleet like "tank/heal/DPS".

b)Planet landings and planet exploring, or optionally, space stations, with tactical missions on them. I strongly suggest ZX Spectrum game Shadowfire as a general example how these tactical missions could be implemented.

c)More ships, ship subsystems, crewmembers inventories and/or, optionally, a ship constructor.
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Re: Suggestions for FTL 2

Postby tiinpa » Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:16 pm

I'd honestly take an iOS version over this sequel. I like the sense of running, though an exploration mode may be fun too.
Luiz Quintanilha
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Re: Suggestions for FTL 2

Postby Luiz Quintanilha » Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:28 pm

My name is Luiz, I'm from Brazil and I love FTL.
I love the style simple and engaging him. It's one of those games that people say, "just one more" and ends up playing more 3 hours.
The coolest thing about it, is in my opinion the idea of ​​exploring space, not sure what you find. If there's one thing you should go for a sequel, it is in this aspect.
I would like to give some suggestions and hopefully Interest.
1 - campaign mode. that would have a bigger story, with different goals. Rescue missions, escort, find items .. These basic things rpg ...
I like the style of "hardcore" game die and lose everything. But I think which you could get a larger campaign and maintain it. Maybe if the campaign was divided into episodes and was only able to save at the end of each.
2 - As mentioned, it would be really cool if it had a way of holding free and maybe other ways to ... Who knows a multiplayer mode (I know it does not suit the game, but if you had an idea to solve this ... would be amazing!)
3 - One thing that might give away (very) style of FTL, but I can not help but imagine it would be able to explore planets (abandoned spacecraft. Satellites ..). Simple thing ... without taking the focus off the ships. Preferably well inhospitable places and aliens ... (Style: Alien the eighth passenger, XCOM Terror from the deep, the stories of Howard Phillips Lovecraft ..).
4 - I love customization! One of the things I like best in adventure games is the ability to find different items ... Even if they do not interfere much in the gameplay .. 's really cool getting something new once in a while ... I remember the time I found a Crystal and was shocked. How is a game of space exploration, it might be interesting to catch up this rare materials and blend them to make improvements or equipment ...
4 - More chaos! It's a nice fall twilight zone, or drop by the sun, or the asteroids. Besides interfering with the strategy still makes the game more exciting ... I think we should have more of such factors and preferably even more chaotic ... Who knows error happen on the route the ship is stopping in an unfamiliar place? Or maybe another in which the shields do not work? Or alien invasions? .. Who knows yet, the atmosphere of the place change the status of the crew? Leaving them depressed, sick or crazy?
Anyway ... these are only the most relevant ideas ... I had many other smmaller while playing. The FTL really move with imagination.
Ahh ... and please do not change: the graphics, sound and combat system. They are perfect!
And I'm sorry for the English ... I used the Google translator ...

Thank you for your attention and congratulations for the project!
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Re: Suggestions for FTL 2

Postby UglyMug » Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:57 pm

2) Being able to devote time to teching up. FTL discourages me with the fact that i'm unable to upgrade my ship to the necessary extent. I just never find enough guns, schematics, shops and scrap. And the game pace does not let me to float around collecting stuff! You just run through the galaxy picking up what's on your way, not being able even to deliberately travel to a shop to buy a certain upgrade. D'oh!

You get more than enough scrap in FTL to get a fully upgraded ship. Just be more intelligent about your plots through sectors to reveal shops. Most people who complain about the game not having enough shops or not being able to get enough scrap are either not plotting their jumps right or are not saving up enough scraps to spend at shops.
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Re: Suggestions for FTL 2

Postby bulba » Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:27 am

making a privateer game is much harder than the casual game that ftl is. If these guys could somehow team up with egosoft and make one it would be beyound awesome.
Luiz Quintanilha
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Re: Suggestions for FTL 2

Postby Luiz Quintanilha » Thu Oct 25, 2012 2:51 pm

I understand that these suggestions would leave the game much more complex.
Therefore it would be for a continuation of ftl and not a mod. I think if a game had a sequel and did not change anything ... I think it would make sense.
I believe the ftl made ​​a considerable success and with it the producers managed resources to a game more elaborate.
I like casual games and I see no problem with ftl be that style. But I think leaving it with a more "adventure"would make it more interesting.
I do not think producers need to partner with Egosoft ... The only thing in common between them is the thematic ... games of the series "X" are very complex and realistic graphics ... I do not think the FTL should go to that side.
I believe that a game can be simple, but rich in elements and possibilities (Minecraft, Terraria, Tibia ...). I think what made ​​those games great successes despite the graphics, this is freedom. Freedom to venture, to find a rare item, build and play a character different from others ...
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Suggestions for FTL 2

Postby Julkorn » Thu Oct 25, 2012 3:06 pm

Actually it is the combat engine that is so unbeliavably phenomenal in this game. I would like to see that combat engine in a space rpg like the classic "Starflight" or "Star Control". You know what I mean?
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Re: Suggestions for FTL 2

Postby legocreeper2001 » Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:54 pm

my suggestion

play as the rebels :mrgreen:

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