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The Nesasio at PolyCount

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:02 am
by iceburg333
Recently I found an excellent 8-bit remix of FTL's Milky Way Battle track.
Looking for other remix's of FTL's great soundtrack (please let me know if you find any!) I stumbled upon a thread at Polycount and was delighted with what I found.
Someone (FlashL) has been working on creating a 3d Nesasio complete with 3d rooms and crew.

I spent a day making the Kestrel 3d (on my facebook, click my sig) and while I'm proud of it considering my extremely basic Blender skill, FlashL's work is infinitely superior. They have everything from concept art, to detailed models, to textures. I highly recommend you guys check out the thread!

(Here's an image I grabbed from the thread):