Ships you have bad luck with

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Ships you have bad luck with

Postby Nimbostratus » Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:13 pm

Everyone has a different experience with FTL. Perhaps, like me, you think that certain ships are "cursed" because, when using them, you get bad encounters, take a lot of damage, and/or don't collect enough weapons or scrap to outfit them well.

The prime example of this for me is the Fed Cruiser. I've never made it to the Last Stand with this ship, largely because I never seem to find good weapons for it. In my most recent playthrough, there was a Burst Laser II at a shop... but I couldn't afford it before the Rebels got there. Image I also seem to take a lot of damage, which in turn means I waste a lot of scrap on repairs. Ugh.

So, what ships do you have bad luck with?
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Re: Ships you have bad luck with

Postby 5thHorseman » Wed Jun 12, 2013 10:34 pm

I tend to find I have bad luck with the A ships.

And the B ships.
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Re: Ships you have bad luck with

Postby speedoflight » Fri Jun 14, 2013 2:50 pm

Well, first of, i stop using vanilla ships ages ago, but its true that sometimes its incredible how the AI changes the behaviour even if it is supossed to be random.

I had a lot of 3 first encounters with mixed drone/boarding/burst lasers enemies. Of course, i died with no chance at all. Sometimes i wonder how the hell its possible that in the first sector, in the first encounter, u find an enemy with, 1 combat drone, 1 boarding party, 1 burst laser mark II and 2 bombs. And that just started playing lol (after 20 seconds). This is something that i never understood, since its supossed the first enemies are relatively easy, not impossible.

Other times, im amazed how the AI is aiming for an specific system all the time. With my omicron mod, that the shields only protects a portion of the ship, and u need to protect the shield system all the time, its amazing how many times the AI is attacking my shield systems. Shot after shot.. or when they hit u the oxygen, for example, they keep aiming the oxygen systems, no matter wat.. . just amazing lol. I thought the AI makes random shots, but sometimes it looks like it doesnt. I mean, with a vanilla ship , all protected by shields, this will not be a real issue, but with modded ships, and in this case a ship that doest not have some systems protected by shields.. sometimes is a big of a hell.
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