Closest fights you've won?

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Closest fights you've won?

Postby Datah » Thu Jan 17, 2013 6:24 am

I bought this game for funsies the other day, but....

My artillery beam killed the other ship at 1hp with my crew <10% health at 0 oxygen. Fortunately I had just enough scrap for level 2 medbay (it's already there in the SS) so I was able to heal through 0% oxygen and live to repair. I had to fly through two unknown beacons (and fight two ships without losing that 1hp, one on an asteroid field) before getting to the exit of this sector, but the next one had a store adjacent to the entry beacon and I had enough scrap to repair to full hull by then.

Didn't win the game that run though sadly, later on I got into this situation:

Fought through two beacons with 1hp again (evading 4 rockets) but died to the first rocket at the third beacon. :(
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Re: Closest fights you've won?

Postby Satonakaja » Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:01 am

My first normal mode win was amazing. My ship after the second form. The end of the third form.
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Re: Closest fights you've won?

Postby Dr_Zegobob » Fri Jan 18, 2013 1:27 am

The closest fight I have had was my first victory, where I destroyed the boss with an assault drone while sitting at one hull point.
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Re: Closest fights you've won?

Postby Neverpraying Mantis » Fri Jan 18, 2013 1:38 am

My third win and my first with the Basilisk.

Look at the two guns! :lol: that's 10 shots in total!
I was playing really badly and was very surprised that I actually managed to kill the boss in the end.
I had 4 gold-level Mantis and lost all of them in the first phase when they tried to take out the med-bay because the damn flagship cloaked and I couldn't teleport them back :cry:

And before that I had TWO scrap recovery arm augmentations, giving me +20% scrap plus the augmentation that lets you begin the fight with fully loaded guns. Unfortunately I picked up the second Laser III in a shop in sector 7 and had to sell all my augmentations and a ton of other useful weapons just to be able to afford my second Laser III and to get my weapon upgrades up to lvl. 8, for which I actually gathered enough scrap exactly one beacon before the bossfight.

It was actually really stupid just to buy that second gun (I couldn't even get my shields up to 4 layers) but man I really, really, really wanted to fire 10 bloody shots with both those guns at once :D

Who knows when I will get lucky enough to play such a badass ship+weapon combo again. I regret nothing!

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