Finally unlocked all the ships!

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Finally unlocked all the ships!

Postby GoldenShadowGS » Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:07 am

My last one was the slug cruiser. I wasn't even trying. I was playing the Mantis B trying to get the achievement for killing 4 enemy crew with one boarding drone(which I succeeded in doing) I jumped to Slug Homeworlds and had an encounter I suspected was involved in the slug cruiser. My internet had been down all day so I had to risk it and not take the weapon I was offer and instead took the information. It gave me a quest. Luckily I had upgraded sensors so I could track the ship and defeat it. Time to earn Type B, and only 2 more general achievements left.
(Get to Sector 8 without buying at a store) Should be easy on a lucky run
(Kill an enemy ship in one volley with the pre-igniter) Depends on if I have a strong weapon loadout and can find a preigniter.
Ranarius Webfoot
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Re: Finally unlocked all the ships!

Postby Ranarius Webfoot » Fri Jan 18, 2013 7:15 am

I got all the ships and all the layouts recently. Most of them I haven't really USED much though, so... XD
I did use a BIT of savescumming to get a couple... for the slug and secret cruiser, I wanted to unlock them but not have to worry about wasting a run. So I started games on Easy, did a "scouting run" blasting through sectors as fast as possible to just see which path to take to find the sectors I needed, then reloaded and played a standard game, except making a backup right before entering each sector with a quest objective (so if I didn't find the quest or the sector didn't generate the right event, I could just reload and generate a new sector.)

Had to do ANOTHER savescum secret sector run to get the Shivan, since the kill-a-burning-dude-with-a-rockman achievement is pretty much impossible except against the boss. Ah well.
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Re: Finally unlocked all the ships!

Postby Milkshake » Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:47 pm

I have finally unlocked all ships and layouts, and all the achievements but the "BOARDING OBJECTIVE SUCCESFULL" So it is nice to hear you got that one!:D

Keep up the good work:P
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Re: Finally unlocked all the ships!

Postby GoldenShadowGS » Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:08 pm

For boarding drone achievement, here are my tips.

Use Mantis B, since is has a boarding drone already and you don't have to find one. Play normally, but you are looking for a specific ship.

No drones
at least 4 crew
no medbay
Optionally, weapons that can't penetrate your shields.

Send your mantis team in and inflict damage on all of his crew without killing them. When they get too low on HP, switch rooms until you are fighting someone with extra HP. Teleport your boarding team back and launch the boarding drone when they are all low on HP(less than 10 each)

Since I posted this thread. Now, all I have left to do is Kill an enemy with one volley using the preigniter, and the clash of the titans crystal ship achievement.

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