Finally beat the game with unusual (?) crew

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Finally beat the game with unusual (?) crew

Postby jwhsu » Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:08 am

Finally beat the game the other day with the Kestrel after about 20+ tries. At the end, the ship was outfitted with Shield level 3 and a dodge percentage of about 50%. The ship was equipped with 2 burst lasers II, ion gun, anti-drone II, teleporter, and long-range scanner. Crew consists of 3 Humans, 1 Engi, 2 Mantis, 2 Crystal. Originally, I was trying to get the Crystal ship and was looking for the stasis pod event. I ended up finding the pod and releasing the Crystal crew member twice in consecutive sectors. By boarding party consists of 1 crystal and 1 mantis. It made boarding and killing off crew much easier with the lockdown ability. My question is how common is it to have more than 1 crystal crew member during a run? I think I got very lucky with the crew. Thanks.
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Re: Finally beat the game with unusual (?) crew

Postby More Dakka » Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:18 am

It's quite rare unless you're starting with either Crystal Cruiser variant (in which case you'll have 2 or 3). Two Burst Laser Mk II is also a bit unusual, I think.

Crystal + Mantis is indeed nasty; Mantises have the most combat power, Crystal prevents escape.

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