[Request] Holiday Mechs

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[Request] Holiday Mechs

Postby stylesrj » Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:35 pm

Just some ideas... with certain holidays coming up and all, maybe someone could work on more... thematic Mechs and colour schemes for them? I mean a lot of stuff has been done for FTL with holidays and I feel Into The Breach needs some seasonal themes as well...

Like for Halloween, a more orange and black colour scheme with Mechs that shoot pumpkins or something.
Christmas could be the same with red and green mechs with presents and coal!
A Valentines Day squad would be pink and probably have a Mech that mind controls other Vek (Like the Bioresearchers)
Easter... well pastels and eggs I guess?

I'm surprised that no one made one for the 4th of July with a red/white/blue colour scheme and everything made fireworks; I'm not even American and I think something should have been made for it. Well there's always the Fireworks Cannon for New Years, right?

Before anyone asks:
No, I don't think I can do the job myself and pixel art is not my forte even then.
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Re: [Request] Holiday Mechs

Postby CosmicLightning » Mon Aug 27, 2018 5:27 am

I have some festive color schemes in my Colors mod Here
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