[Request] Restart Battle mod

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[Request] Restart Battle mod

Postby ErraticEngineer » Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:31 pm

Hello everyone,

I've recently gotten Into the Breach, and I really enjoy the strategic parts of it. However sometimes I screw up and I'll use my reset turn button only to find that I made an error a turn before this one. Coming into this game it's difficult to really want to keep playing as my first commander died two missions in because I'm still learning how things work. Now, I know that's the rogue-lite way. Die until you live kind of thing. But, it's also very demoralizing to lose a human crew member because I'm still learning how things work.

Is it possible to add a button that restarts the stage? I don't know LUA at all so I'm useless here for now, but if someone could make something, it'd be appreciated.

I know it's a selfish and personal request, but I don't know where else to ask as Reddit seemed hostile to someone else who asked about it. I'm hoping things will be better here.

I do really want to play, the randomly generated maps, enemy layouts and all that are fantastic. However I just can't figure out how to best position my meds or how far out I can extend my reach before I get my hand bitten off. So if you'd take a look at this, thank you. If not, thank you for at least reading. I appreciate anyone's time.

-- EE
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Re: [Request] Restart Battle mod

Postby WalterRR » Sat Nov 24, 2018 4:21 am

I just have to say. I agree. This game just.. Yeah. Get going -great- and a Single screw up, and the entire timeline blows up. You get one guy to send back. Etc. A mod to reset the island would be great.

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