Custom Dialog boxes and commands not recognised

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Custom Dialog boxes and commands not recognised

Postby LeahNudle » Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:58 am


I might be being stupid but has anyone had any luck on figuring out the assets used to display the dialog boxes? (like when you get a kill and a pilot comments on it) I really want to mod this functionality but I swear I've looked through every lua file and image folder and I cant find anything related to it.

My initial thoughts were that they are just created in code but I can only find the code related to generating the text in the boxes (dialogs.lua) rather than the actual creation of the box itself. I'd really appreciate being proven wrong :D

I was also messing around with the in-game developer console and most of the commands said "command unrecognised" despite them being listed when i type in the "help" command. I was really hoping that the "event" command could be used to create the dialog boxes :(

Thanks for the help <3
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Re: Custom Dialog boxes and commands not recognised

Postby Blue_Tree » Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:38 pm

Actually, all the dialogs texts (from pilots or Islands CEO) are stored in csv files.
You can find them in the "personalities" folder. the missions.csv is all the CEO dialogs when you begin a mission, you complete a mission, ... and the pilots.csv is all the pilots dialogs.
I don't really know how lua works but it seems that the files are loaded with the ftcsv.lua file stored in the same folder.

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