[CEO] GLaDOS Takes Over Pinnacle

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[CEO] GLaDOS Takes Over Pinnacle

Postby Biohazard063 » Thu Jun 27, 2019 12:50 pm

A pretty "simple" mod that replaces robot-loving Zenith, with no-so-human-loving GLaDOS from Valve's Portal franchise.
Don't expect too much praise from the new CEO, at least not without a good dose of sarcasm or snide remark.

*Fully customized dialogue with multiple lines of dialogue for each prompt.
*Custom region names.
*Compatibility for some of the bigger mods out there. List can be found below.

Some of the lines are (based on) actual quotes from the game, others I just winged it.
There might be some errors in spelling.


Has dialogue for the following mods:
Hivewar (link to be added) by NotSoLoneWolf
Armed Train by CosmicLightning
Into the Wild by Lemonymous

Credit to:
Empeyse9g : Pixel Art GLaDOS office screen
NikMiko : Pixel art GLaDOS Mini
Valve: Copyright owners of GLaDOS
Lemonymous : Creating the basic framework for making CEO replacement possible. And troubleshooting during testing.
Stylesrj : Constant pestering for telling me to actual make this rather than keeping it just an idea. ;-)

P.S : The mod isn't to be taking too seriously. Yes, a good amount of time went into writing the dialogue, some of which is (based on) quotes others I wrote up myself. And I do enjoy the finished result. But I can see how not every line of dialogue would fit the cynical GLaDOS. I really wasn't planning on releasing this mod to the public, but those I've shared it with at least got a laugh or two out of it. And that's really all I could've hoped for. Also, from the two people that have tried out the mod, it seems experiences may vary, I solely got the new dialogue whilst my other tester still got some old Zenith lines in there...
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