[Pilots] Cauldron Pilots v1.15

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[Pilots] Cauldron Pilots v1.15

Postby tosx » Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:47 pm

I decided to turn all 20+ characters from a thing I made with a friend* into Pilots.

Download - requires mod loader to function.
Mod Loader - originally made by Cyberboy2000 and continued by kartoFlane.

Mark Savage (R.S.T.): Repair can be used on adjacent Mechs.
The extreme conditions on R.S.T. meant their medical response personnel needed to be hardy, effective, and determined, and Mark Savage was the best of their best. Before the Vek arrived he had already earned the call sign "Doc Havoc" for treating injuries in the violent and chaotic highland storms. The moniker held even more true as he transitioned to piloting a Mech and caring for his squadmates on hellish island battlefields. Though less gifted with repairing metal than flesh, Savage's iron composure, steady hand, and drive to protect have made him the heart and soul of his squad.

Kate Shreeve (Detritus): Mech leaps over tiles when moving in a line.
A civilian on Detritus who was caught on the sidelines of the earliest Vek attacks, Kate Shreeve was left orphaned, injured, and deafened. As she recovered, she fine-tuned one of her late parents' inventions in order to hear again, and found that the receiver could detect the rumblings of underground Vek movement. Unable to sit by while the sounds of doom approached, she volunteered as a Mech Pilot despite her young age, and impressed her instructors with the unconventional acrobatics she employed in combat.

Amelia Espada (Pinnacle): Mech repairs 1 damage each turn if not inflicted with Fire, Ice, or A.C.I.D.
Amelia Espada was a wandering soldier, touring the corporate islands in the calm before the Vek invasion. She became one of the first Mech pilots and enthusiastically sought out every combat mission she could. As the Vek gained ground and many of her fellow Pilots were lost, she realized that she needed whatever edge she could get, and began volunteering to test whatever new Mech capabilities the scientists could conceive. One successful prototype quickly became her favorite: a self-repairing liquid metal shell that kept her Mech in the fight long after it should have fallen to pieces, allowing her to fight more furiously than ever.

Janet Walker (R.S.T.): Once per mission, may teleport to any unit when moving.
An R.S.T. geological scout used to getting in and out of difficult terrain, Janet Walker spent the early portion of the Vek invasion operating Search and Rescue vehicles to save civilians. After seeing one too many scenes of destruction, she transferred into the Pilot program in the hopes of preventing such disasters, rather than dealing with their aftermath. Never happy standing still, Walker also acquired and experimented with a miniaturized Breach generator, altering it to create spatial breaches that would allow her to quickly teleport wherever she needed to be in moments of crisis.

Roland White (Pinnacle): Gain a shield after surviving weapon damage.
A former operative for Pinnacle's clandestine Ministry of Strategic Science, Roland White worked alongside human and artificial agents to catalog and deal with strange phenomena across all of the islands and the ocean between. In his original timeline, the Ministry were the first to discover the Vek, and most of its agents were among the first casualties. As the survivors began fighting back with Mechs, they developed the reactive Titan Armor technology to limit further losses, a breakthrough which White carries with him to other timelines.

Athena (Detritus): Deals additional damage to enemies that bump Mech.
Discovered in the Vek tunnels beneath Detritus, no one is sure what exactly Athena is; some strange turtle mutated by the island's runoff? A crashed-landed alien? A bioengineered warrior from another timeline? Athena herself has no memory of how she came to the island, but she is adept with machines and eager to drive off the Vek, despite a clumsiness that sometimes causes unwanted collateral damage. The overseers of the Pilot program quickly decided that she might as well be bumping into Vek, and turned her loose on the battlefield.

Ryan Frost (Pinnacle): Repairing instead Freezes Mech and sets an adjacent tile on Fire. If Frozen, effects are reversed.
Put into cryo-stasis long ago after an industrial accident, Ryan Frost was rudely reanimated when the Vek invasion disrupted power to the forgotten stasis facility. As a result, he now requires a special thermal suit to survive, which has done nothing to improve his view of his new situation. Lacking any other way to acquire such technology, he grudgingly volunteered as a Mech Pilot, and had his personal Mech retrofitted with specialized heat exchangers to ensure he stays cold and alive.

Jai Chandra (Archive): During the enemy turn, adjacent enemies cannot move away from Mech.
A distant relative of Detritus' CEO, Jai Chandra spent much of his life trying to distance himself from his family's privilege and prove himself on his own terms. He followed his father into physics, focusing on gravity-controlling devices with the potential to reshape the islands, possibly the world. The Vek invasion led the Chandras to alter their technology into Mech-mounted weapons, and Jai joined the Pilot program to see them used in defending their home.

Alain Mormont (Archive): Mech can move up to 2 extra tiles, but next turn's movement is reduced by that amount.
Alain Mormont was an eager student of Old Earth history, especially the honor-bound warrior knights of the medieval era. Exploring and embracing their philosophies as she pored over old relics, the Vek invasion gave her the chance to prove that she could follow the same path and protect the helpless. She was accepted into the Pilot program, but a training exercise involving an uncontrolled temporal Breach left her inexplicably desynchronized from the timeline. Almost a year later, in a burst of light, she managed to regain temporal cohesion in front of a surprised group of maintenance engineers. Now she is learning to control her temporal drifting in order to quickly shift her Mech around the battlefield.

George Mormoth (Archive): Mech instantly repairs bump damage.
While Breach technology has provided hope against the Vek, the Corporations' understanding of it is still limited. As such, none of their scientists have been able to explain how an Old Earth warrior from the distant past stepped out of a Time Pod recovered from Archive. Declaring himself Sir George of Mormoth, he exhibited a surprising acceptance of the situation around him. The knight's discipline and tactical cunning made him a fast learner and, soon enough, a capable pilot for the giant suits of armor called Mechs. Now he wades into combat with the hope of saving this future and finding a path home.

Ezekiel Gray (Detritus): Damages adjacent non-building tiles at the end of your turn if Mech has 1 health.
Ezekiel Gray became the head of Detritus' Energy Division at a young age, recklessly pursuing experimental reactor technology to expand the Grid. A catastrophic meltdown left him irradiated and slowly dying; his attempts to find a cure for his condition resulted in unintended casualties and a prison sentence. However, his ruthlessness and skill have earned him a pardon in order to help defeat the Vek, and the core shielding found in Mechs actually slows his cellular decay. While he has little hope of surviving the war, Gray sees Breach technology as a chance to find other timelines where a cure might exist.

Esther Martin (R.S.T.): Squad Pilots gain +2 bonus XP at the end of each mission.
A retired aviator with a long and distinguished career spanning multiple organizations on R.S.T. and Archive, Esther Martin was something of a legend throughout the corporate archipelago. When the Vek attacked, Martin was pulled in to the nascent Mech program and became one of the senior combat instructors, training the ragtag assortment of volunteer Pilots. No one was surprised when she insisted on leading them into battle as well, where her experience has been invaluable in keeping her squad alive.

Julia Takahashi (R.S.T.): Once per mission, deal 1 damage to any tile without ending Mech's turn.
Julia Takahashi spent her early life as a Corporate soldier. When her term of service was up, she continued to utilize and develop her combat skills as a mercenary sharpshooter, joining a shadowy intra-island coalition. The pay was excellent, but the job soon began taking its toll on her conscience. The appearance of the Vek allowed Takahashi to apply her unerring aim to a less ambiguous set of targets, and she has been known to carry her personal sniper rifle with her into combat, making impossible shots from her Mech's cockpit.

Simon Coil (Detritus): Once per mission, when an adjacent Vek dies, creates a friendly Spiderling.
Simon Coil was fascinated by death. In particular, the sentient machines of Pinnacle, with their potential to be revived after physical destruction, seemed to Coil like the ultimate goal of humanity. The corporate intelligence agencies were vaguely aware of his attempts to reanimate and control deceased organics through advanced neurochemical stimulators; the arrival of the Vek led Coil to openly approach them and volunteer his experimental techniques for use on the Vek.

Marika Prochazka (Pinnacle): Once per mission, Mech survives death with 1 health.
A stage magician and gifted sleight-of-hand artist, Marika Prochazka came to the attention of the War Council after miraculously surviving a Vek attack on the venue she we was performing at. Deciding that her career as an entertainer was of little consequence if the Vek won, she applied herself to Mech training and soon earned a reputation for her almost supernatural ability to avoid certain death. When the smoke cleared, 'The Magnificent Mara' was always still standing, ready to continue the fight.

The Stranger (Unkown): Vek spawning adjacent to Mech take 1 damage on arrival.
A shrouded, nomadic being, the Stranger survived well past the fall of civilization in his original timeline. He stalked the post-apocalyptic jungles of his home island for years in salvaged Mechs, as the radioactive wasteland slowly changed him into something else. He eventually found and repaired a Time Pod, escaping the end of the world. Though he can no longer even remember his original form or name, his knowledge of the Vek is second to none.

Andromeda McLear (Archive): Wounds up to 3 Vek at start of missions.
Dr. Andromeda McLear was an astronomer with Archive's Space Command, investigating deep space through observation satellites. The inexplicable Vek invasion confounded her ordered view of the world, and she transitioned to the Pilot program in large part to research them and whatever phenomena were responsible for their appearance. On the battlefield, she feeds enemy coordinates to her old colleagues so that the few remaining orbital defense satellites can be targeted at the Vek swarms.

Earl Deckard (Archive): Repair is replaced with a melee attack that kills wounded non-Massive enemies.
A professional gambler from Archive, Earl Deckard made a living playing the odds. Though his integrity was somewhat in question, he was quick to spot and exploit any vulnerability his opponent showed him, a skill which the Pilot program found valuable. The former card sharp now focuses on winning the ultimate game: outwitting the Vek on the battlefield, using every cheap trick and unfair advantage he can find.

Sen (Archive): Applies a different elemental effect to an adjacent tile after each of your turns. (A.C.I.D. on turn 1, then Fire, then Smoke, then Frozen.)
While most Time Pods arrived from the sky, the one bearing Sen was unearthed deep in the forests of Archive. The mysterious being inside the Pod woke soon after it was opened, friendly and curious to learn the state of the world. Corporate scientists were at a loss to explain her appearance, or her seeming ability to alter the atmosphere and weather patterns around her, but they quickly noted her hatred of the destructive Vek, and passed her on to the Pilot program.

Karl Schraeder (Pinnacle): Mech neutralizes Fire, Smoke, Frozen and A.C.I.D. effects on its tile.
A former Detritus scientist, Karl Schraeder relocated to Pinnacle in his pursuit of human-machine hybridization. He applied his extensive knowledge of A.C.I.D. to the creation of versatile, programmable nanites, which could integrate with and repair flesh and metal alike. After suffering grievous wounds during a Vek attack, Schraeder saw the nanites as his only chance to recover and rejoin the war effort, becoming the islands' first cyborg in the process. While there have been unexpected side-effects, he hopes to apply the technology towards rebuilding the islands, once the war is over.

Gargoyle (Detritus): Instead of repairing, fire a projectile that siphons health from enemies.
A masked soldier known only by his call sign, Gargoyle has shared little of his past. Whispers spread among his fellow pilots that he had accidentally destroyed his original timeline while piloting a dangerous new superweapon derived from the Vek. Gargoyle's advanced biosuit has proven capable of interfacing with Mech systems, allowing him to siphon bioelectric energy from nearby targets directly into his Mech's reactor.

Daiyu Tang (Detritus): Deal 1 damage to enemies that attack adjacent to Mech.
Office Tang was part of Detritus' corporate dispute department, which served as a pseudo-police force in charge of maintaining order across the island. Her harsh sense of justice was balanced by an equally fierce loyalty to her friends, and she was rising quickly through the ranks when the Vek invasion almost cost her an eye. Now scarred and out for vengeance, she wades into combat to exact retribution for humanity.

Alec Shaheen (R.S.T.): Repairing creates a hologram decoy instead of healing Mech.
R.S.T.'s constantly-shifting geography made mapping the island difficult, until Alec Shaheen single-handedly founded the Corporate Cartography Society to gain a detailed understanding of the island, including the tunnels beneath it. Soon he was contracting with the other corporations as well, and the invasion brought new work in plotting Vek movements and locating their burrows. Eventually the work became too dangerous to do without a Mech; now Shaheen uses holographic mapping tech to create decoys as he surveys the battlefield terrain.

Code: Select all

Change log:
- Updated mod to work with the latest modloader version (2.5.5), which properly fixed dialog.

- Fixed a bug apparently introduced with the 1.2 patch that causes issues with dialog references. This affected vanilla dialog as well. Includes compatibility with a future modloader update that will address this in a better fashion.
NOTE: If you have other pilot mods that use an old personalities.lua file to inject their dialog, they may also need to be updated or disabled.

- Updates for patch 1.2; fixed text for repair abilities and potential crash when viewing some repair tooltips.
- Earl Deckard: slight buff, skill now deals 1 damage when it isn't instakilling.
- Updated weaponPreview library for good housekeeping.

- Alain Mormont: Added a custom trait when movement is reduced.
- Amelia Espada: Added a second custom trait when skill is inactive due to status effects.
- Update to latest modApiExt; a bug existed in previous versions which caused some weapons to occasionally refund limited-use pilot movement abilities.
- Used KnightMiner's rejiggered code for pilot movement skills to allow compatibility with custom mech movement skills.
- Kate Shreeve: rejiggered code allows mechs to pass a custom target area function to this skill if desired, in case you want to make your mod interact with the skill in a specific way.
***NOTE: some of my other mods had really old versions of modApiExt and conflict with this one; please update (at a minimum) Eclipse squad if you have it.

- Roland White: Skill should now properly respond to attacks that damage and push/move the mech. Would sometimes fail to shield previously.
- Added custom trait icons for some of the skills that the player should be especially aware of. These will conflict with other mods that use custom trait icons, so they can be disabled in the mod options.

- George Mormoth: Skill should now respond properly to Wind Torrent and other complicated weapon effects that move+push multiple pawns.
- Athena: Skill should now respond properly to Wind Torrent and other complicated weapon effects that move+push multiple pawns. Can also respond to multiple pawns bumping her at once.
- Daiyu Tang: Skill no longer affected by Vek Hormones.

- Simon Coil: When neighboring Vek die while being pushed, Spiderling now spawns on their final location, instead of their initial location.
- Marika Prochazka: Skill now works properly if pawn dies while being pushed.

- Simon Coil: Fixed a bug where spiderlings created during the Vek turn would instantly attack like enemies.

- Updated to Lemonymous' newest version of ReplaceRepair, so repair icons now darken slightly when mech is inactive.

- Added dialog for the Island Missions events for all pilots.
- Test Scenario checking is slightly more robust, so that closing the game at weird times doesn't trick it into giving pilots more skill uses than they should have.
- Slight update to ReplaceRepair library to darken icons when the menu is up.

- Janet Walker: fixed an occasional bug that could waste her teleport after a move undo.
- George Mormoth: fixed a mostly harmless bug that would show the repair icon during preview when he was going to be pushed into water.
- Simon Coil: minor Spiderling buff to give it 3 move instead of 2.

- Made Stranger's Wastelander more robust so it won't trigger on summoned enemies from other mods (it now actually confirms that a new enemy came from a spawn).
- Fixed some minor quote typos.

- Fixed an issue causing error messages for missing pilots on profiles that had this mod enabled in the past. Thanks to Lemonymous for sharing the workaround!

- Jai Chandra's Grav Anchor no longer causes a (harmless) crash if a frozen enemy is killed (like when spawn blocking).
- Jai Chandra's Grav Anchor no longer pointlessly freezes non-player units with 0 move (like Acid Vats).
- Daiyu Tang's Vengeance now triggers her own quotes instead of Vek-killing-Vek quotes.
- Daiyu Tang's Vengeance no longer triggers on spider eggs hatching.

- Removed some cross-mod conversation stuff until I figure out how to implement it a little more responsibly.

- Added Alec Shaheen, the last pilot! Mod is now relatively complete except for potential balance tweaks and typo fixes.
- Added pilot conversations that can occasionally trigger between certain pilots.
- Made a lot of (mostly minor) portrait tweaks.

- Tweaked Daiyu Tang's ability to be a bit more useful.
- Added mod options so that individual pilots can be enabled or disabled, in case a player wants to include only some of them.

- Added Daiyu Tang.

Bug fixes, since it may be another week before the next pilot update.
- Fixed passive ability detection for the final mission's second phase; a few pilots didn't work in that phase.
- Stranger no longer attacks friendly units that spawn next to him (like deployables).
- Fixed some custom ability dialogs (Gray) that weren't working properly. Tested the others to be safe.

- Added Gargoyle.
- Minor portrait tweaks.

- Added Karl Schraeder.

- Added Sen.
- Updated Roland White's ability description to match the v0.14 effect.

- Added Earl Deckard.
- Slight buff to Roland White's ability (now triggers off friendly weapon damage).

- Added Andromeda McLear.
- Cleaned up George Mormoth and Athena's abilities. They no longer show damage/repair previews, but they should now reliably trigger after the triggering effects have fully resolved (helps with Into the Wild's Beanstalker).
- Also fixed a bug where Mormoth would repair when he shouldn't (obstacles/stable enemies "trying" to bump into him).

- Fixed a bug allowing the Stranger to kill blobs and spider eggs when they were created.

- Added the Stranger.
- More dialogue typo fixes.

- Added dialogue for Meridia events (Into the Wilds mod).

- Added Marika Prochazka.

- Fixed a bug with Alain Mormont's movement not being reduced.
- Made Simon Coil's zombie spiderlings able to act immediately after spawning.

- Made Simon Coil's ability not work on minor enemies (blobs, eggs).

- Added Simon Coil.
- Expanded custom ability dialogues.
- Fixed a bug with George Mormoth where being pushed against the map edge repaired him.
- Ongoing dialogue typo fixes.

- Added Julia Takahashi.
- Updated to latest version of replaceRepair library, which fixes a tipImage bug when deploying.
- Fixed Mark Savage's repair skill tip image.

- Added Esther Martin.
- Added custom dialogue popups for some pilot abilities.
- Ongoing dialogue typo fixes.
- Found, but haven't been able to fix, a bug that seems to cause harmless crashes when going from phase 1 to 2 of the final island. If you encounter this bug and have any idea what might be causing it, please let me know!

- Fixed a bug that caused (harmless) error popups during the environment turn.

- Added Ezekiel Gray.
- Changed Kate Shreeve's Leap ability to make it more flexible.
- More minor portrait tweaks.
- Added icons to Janet Walker and Alain Mormont that appear when mousing over relevant move tiles.
- Hopefully fixed a minor bug with Athena where her damage killed things before you bumped into them.

- Added Alain Mormont and George Mormoth.
- Amelia Espada's healing now happens before enemy attacks resolve.
- Transitioned from Alpha version.
- Now uses ReplaceRepair 2 utility.

* The thing in question is a fan expansion to the Sentinels of the Multiverse card game.
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Re: [Pilots] Cauldron Pilots

Postby tosx » Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:51 pm

Balance comments welcome!
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Re: [Pilots] Cauldron Pilots

Postby Robert Scythe » Sat Apr 13, 2019 10:31 am

Having trouble with the download. Getting a diagnostic message: the system cannot find the path specified.
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Re: [Pilots] Cauldron Pilots

Postby tosx » Sat Apr 13, 2019 2:15 pm

Can you be more specific? As in, you can't even download the file?

I just tried from a new incognito browser window and was able to download and run it okay, so there shouldn't be any Google drive permission issues.
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Re: [Pilots] Cauldron Pilots

Postby Robert Scythe » Wed Apr 17, 2019 6:56 am

I can download the file but cannot extract it to the mod folder. Don't know what the reason is since all the other mods seem to be able to.
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Re: [Pilots] Cauldron Pilots

Postby tosx » Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:14 pm

After downloading and unzipping, the folder in your "mods" folder needs to be the CauldronPilotsAlpha, and the next level inside that needs to have img and Scripts.

Or do you mean you can't unzip the file at all? (I've tried unzipping it on 2 different computers without issue.)


UPDATE: I've been made aware there is a bug with Scipts/personalities.lua; one of the paths in that is hardcoded to my WIP version "mods/CauldronPilots" instead of "mods/CauldronPilotsAlpha".
Anyone using v0.01 or v0.02 can manually update that path. The current v0.02 fixes it, but didn't feel like it warranted a new version number.
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Re: [Pilots] Cauldron Pilots

Postby Robert Scythe » Thu Apr 18, 2019 2:36 am

So within the zip file Pilots - Cauldron there is a folder entitled Pilots - Cauldron. In that folder are 2 more zip files CauldronPilotsAlpha_v0.01.zip and CauldronPilotsAlpha_v0.02.zip and I get a Diagnostic message from WinRaR that states there are no files to extract.
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Re: [Pilots] Cauldron Pilots

Postby tosx » Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:44 am

I'm afraid I'm not sure what the problem there is, but sounds like it might be something with winrar? I know the zipping part works. Have you tried anything else like 7zip?

Also I would ignore v0.01, I just left that in there in case someone finds bugs I introduced in v0.02.

I've gone ahead and uploaded a 7zip version of v0.02, in case that works better (original zip file is just the Windows default zipper, I think?).
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Re: [Pilots] Cauldron Pilots

Postby Robert Scythe » Thu Apr 18, 2019 6:22 am

Hmm, it seems to have downloaded everything in a zip file and then did not have the contents of the inner zip files, odd. I know I attempted this before you added version v0.02 so I do not understand why this happened. I have successfully loaded the folder now with an individual zip of v0.02 so I can try them now. Weird, but I am ready to enjoy your time and effort, thanks.
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Re: [Pilots] Cauldron Pilots

Postby tosx » Thu Apr 18, 2019 10:45 am

Weird indeed! Glad it worked out.

I'm actually getting pretty close to finishing up the coding for all the pilots, although it will still take a while to churn through quotes/art, and I probably still have a good bit of debugging to do.

One change in the next version: Amelia Espada's healing will happen BEFORE the enemy starts resolving queued attacks, not after (just recently figured out how to do that easily).

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