[Enemies] Bots'n'Bugs v1.3.4

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[Enemies] Bots'n'Bugs v1.3.4

Postby Lemonymous » Fri Apr 20, 2018 1:32 pm

This mod adds several new enemies to spice up your runs.
They can all be toggled on or off via the Mod Configuration menu before starting a new game.

The Roach is a durable enemy that spits acid before attacking with it's scythes.
Image Image Image

The Swarmer is a weak enemy that spawns in pairs.
Image Image

The Blobberling is an unstable enemy that explodes when killed.
Image Image

"The Shield-Bot is an enemy that raises a shield before overloading it to deal damage."
Image Image

"The Knight-Bot is an armored enemy that dashes before damaging and pushing it's target."
Image Image

"The Garden Psion is an enemy that plants Vines. Vines heals Vek and hurts you."

Bots'n'Bugs 1.3.4 - requires mod loader v2.3.5 or higher
Mod Loader - (Originally by CyberBoy2000. Continued by kartoFlane)

Old versions - may require older mod loaders


Code: Select all

1.3.4 - Added KnightBot Portrait.
1.3.3 - Fixed Blobberling crashing the game.
        Reworded Garden Psion's description to not mention fire damage due to one strong voice calling for it. No mechanical change.
        Added tutorial tips to several units and attacks to help explain unique behavior.
1.3.2 - Added Swarmer Portrait.
1.3.1 - Renamed Zergling to Swarmer - more inline with vanilla naming conventions.
        Fixed an issue that could cause Swarmers not to split after spawning.
        Alpha Swarmer now has 2 hp, up from 1.
        Swarmers now count as regular units (unlike spiderlings), limiting new spawns as normal.
        Redesigned Garden Psion a bit, to make it less problematic to npc units.
         Vines now deal fire damage, so fire immune units take no damage.
         Vines cannot spread to occupied tiles (except vek occupied).
         Both stages of Vines light on fire if damaged.
         Vines are created in a cross pattern instead of just beneath the Psion.
1.3.0 - Added Zergling.
1.2.3 - Roach Leader should no longer mess up artillery trajectory.
        Garden Psion can no longer spawn in Psion Leader mission.
1.2.2 - added Blobberling portrait.
1.2.1 - updated all my mods with correct modApiExt versioning. If you encounter bugs, update all your mods.
1.2.0 - added Knight-Bot and Garden Psion.
1.1.1 - modApiExt compatibility with other mods not using it's latest commits
1.1.0 - Blobberlings now avoids mines.
        Various misc internal code updates that does not affect balance.
1.0.2 - Added Option: "Delay Roach Spit" - "Roaches won't spit the turn they emerge from the ground"
1.0.1 - Roach Leader - Added water sprite.
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Re: [Enemies] Roach

Postby agarst » Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:51 pm

Hey Lemonymous, really interested in chatting with you about a handful of your mods, email me at arongarst@gmail.com when you get the chance.
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Re: [Enemies] Roach

Postby Karsta » Fri Aug 24, 2018 9:20 pm

Nice! I really like the challenge and the presentation is spot on. One thing though: would it be possible to prevent them from spitting acid during the turn they emerge from the ground? Spitting during the first turn of the battle is perfectly ok, because you can prevent that from happening by choosing where to drop, but getting attacked by something you couldn't see is close to feeling unfair. Sure it's a bit like leaper's webbing, but there are more ways to deal with webbing than there are with acid.
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Re: [Enemies] Bots'n'Bugs

Postby Lemonymous » Wed Sep 19, 2018 10:45 pm

Merged my enemy mods into a single mod to make everything simpler to keep updated. (If someone would care to delete the Blobberling thread, I wouldn't mind that)

Added an option for your request Karsta.
(Also added a similar option for "Delayed Webs" in the Difficulty Modifiers 1.0.3. mod)
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Re: [Enemies] Bots'n'Bugs

Postby narD » Fri Sep 28, 2018 5:45 am

It' s really Awesome Mode. :)

But I have little request about "blobberling"
if I'll kill them before they killed themselves, then they're not explored. (like Blobber's blob.)
Can you offer me these options? :D
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Re: [Enemies] Bots'n'Bugs v1.2.0

Postby Lemonymous » Mon Feb 04, 2019 2:39 pm

New version adding two new enemy types:
- Knight-Bot: an armored bot that dashes to it's target.
- Garden Psion: a Psion that plants Vines; a new tile hazard.

See main post for more details.
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Re: [Enemies] Bots'n'Bugs v1.2.1

Postby Rusted » Tue Feb 12, 2019 7:41 pm

I started testing this mod a while ago, and after a lot of tinkering with it, I decided it's time to do a mini review.

At first, I felt this not-starcraft 2 Vek would be overpowered. I removed the armor, I reduced speed, I reduced damage, just to pump everything back to their original values, because the Roach, just feels right. I don't know whether you just combined stuff into one unit to make a reasonably fast (between scorpion 3 speed and hornet 5 speed), reasonably resistant (between scarab / scorpion but armored), supportive assault troop that's capable of dealing damage but also, indirectly enhancing the other Vek's damage.
I love it. It's balanced. Easily one of my favorite enemy types.

Garden Psion,
An other extremely well designed unit. I love it how the vines take a turn to be active, making them less of a threat, but quite problematic if left untouched for too long. Especially when the garden psion spawns at the beginning or in the second turn of the match. An extremely original idea. Again, I like it a lot.

The mini-variant of the Pinnacle Robotics Boss (that is one boss that seldom shows up). A nuisance, especially for squads that like to stick together. More so the alpha variant. I like it overall. However, I didn't encounter it all that often and you can delay it's attack by hitting it.

An other very fun opponent that spices things up, especially when you like to bunch up your mechs. With sufficient support from surrounding Veks, this pesky little bot, especially the alpha variant can prove quite bothersome. Also missing the custom artwork.

The only Vek I have mixed feelings about. I played around with it a bit. I upped the suicide damage, then damage that it does when you kill it. Tried playing around with the two death variants (suicide vs killed), upped suicide damage (x2 of standard dmg, so 2 on normal and 6 on alpha), so you were forced to kill it unless you wanted it to inflict massive suicide damage. Turned out, I was happy whenever these guys showed up, because I could push them into other alpha vek killing them when they exploded. I ended up upping suicidal damage to 2 for normal and to 4 for alpha variant, with an on killed damage of 1 and 3. I guess the main problem is that they explode once and then they are gone. Some times you can just block them, and let them explode, moving away. I am also missing your amazing artwork for these guys.

Suggestion: Maaaaaaybe.... making them web would make them more fearsome? Maybe also give them 1 armor? A combination between the Blobs and the cocooned spiderlings.

Other than the Blobberling, this is just an other solid and very nicely balanced mod. And I love it. Works well with the slightly nerfed More Bosses mod :D
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Re: [Enemies] Bots'n'Bugs v1.2.1

Postby SwishyFishy400 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 2:28 am

Nah, the blobberlings feel just right to me. Nuisances that pester the player, not all out enemies
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Re: [Enemies] Bots'n'Bugs v1.2.2

Postby Lemonymous » Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:06 pm

Thank you for the interest!

I'm glad you like the mod overall. I try to make each enemy interesting to play against with many options for counterplay, since Vek rarely seem to land a blow against mechs.

Regarding the Blobberling. While a very weak enemy that can be dispatched with a simple push, it has gotten the most requests for nerfs. I'm certainly surprised you want them buffed Rusted. You can understand how difficult it is to balance it with that range of feedback.
Personally I like how they need to be handled with care and can be used against the other Vek, while not being too dangerous if not handled right.

I hear you about the missing portrait for some enemies, and I've decided I will add them in, starting with the Blobberling. Popular or not, it deserves a portrait. I will see when I can get the Knight-Bot a portrait as well.

Image Image
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Re: [Enemies] Bots'n'Bugs v1.2.2

Postby Rusted » Thu Feb 14, 2019 9:28 pm

I gave the blobberling an other try and I admit that combined with the difficulty modifiers mod it can get quite annoying (with 7 / 8 max enemies everything is painful).
Having roaches and blobberlings as new enemies really spices up my runs :D

I love the new portrait. Quick work as always!

Tbh, with More Bosses, difficulty modifiers, bots'n'bugs and a couple amazing modded mech squads the game feels like Advanced Edition already. Thank you for continuously supporting and enhancing this game with your mods.

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