[Squad] Suicide Squad

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[Squad] Suicide Squad

Postby Auxarch » Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:46 pm

This uses Cyberboy2000's mod loader, which can be found here.

To use this squad, just drop it into a 'mods' folder where you have ITB installed.

The three mechs are as follows:

  • Prime
    HP: 1
    Move: 4
    Skills: Rocket Punch
  • Brute
    HP: 4
    Move: 3
    Skills: Selfless Destruct (custom Self Destruct with upgrades), Grapple Hook
  • Science
    HP: 2
    Move: 3
    Skills: Gravwell, Squad heal

Custom self destruct upgrades are:
1 Power: Buildings Immune
3 Power: Area of effect radius increased by 1

Download link
Captain Trek
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Re: [Squad] Suicide Squad

Postby Captain Trek » Tue Mar 20, 2018 6:26 am

This is less a custom squad and more a weapon mod, since the rest of the squad's equipment is vanilla. Selfless destruct is amazing good fun once upgraded, but it honestly just becomes kind of OP at that point (not as much as the vanilla ice generator, mind you, but still). I also don't think it was a very good idea to give the Prime 1 HP, because all that does is greatly reduce the variety of viable pilots, more-or-less forcing you to take the Zoltan or Rockman on it.

I would say that this squad at least utilizes its gimmick better than ACID Judoka does though, and is generally less incoherent and difficult to get on with in its design than that squad was. Overall, I give this squad a C. It needs unique weapons and sprites, but you have a cute idea here.

EDIT: On review of my rating system, I have discovered my original C rating doesn't quite fit with the paradigm I ultimately set for reviewing mod squads and a C- would be more accurate. The C- originally given to ACID Judoka would become a D+.

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