Suggestion: Add Undo for Shopping

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Suggestion: Add Undo for Shopping

Postby Double » Sun Sep 02, 2018 7:45 am

Hi guys,

I recently bought Into the Breach for the Nintendo Switch (thanks for the port <3) and, just like FTL, am LOVING it! Great game and accomplishment, congrats you guys.

Sadly, one of my runs today were crushed when I accidentally sold my main weapon instead of the secondary one, that I intended to sell. Now, I have no idea how that happened since I was very sure to have the right weapon selected. But I don't suspect you to leave such a bug there and it was early morning in my bed (Switch <3) after all, so it was probably my fault after all.

Now to the suggestion though: please, could you add a Undo for the shop screen? You (of course) know, the one where you can trade your reputation for stuff after rescuing an island. Would just be a very neat QoL feature (like the undo in the mech menu) and would prevent such terrible things to happen again.

I hope this is the right sub-board for this!

Already looking forward to your next game and definitely wouldn't mind an Into the Breach "Advanced Edition" :D
Also, would buy FTL on Switch too and will continue to pass around good word of mouth for your games where I can, anyways!
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Re: Suggestion: Add Undo for Shopping

Postby isla » Sun Sep 02, 2018 9:08 pm

I've added a note about this in our suggestions tracker.

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