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Patch Logs

Postby Matthew » Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:28 am

Version 1.0.10:

-Fixed bug where you wouldn't have enough tiles to deploy to
-Fixed crash when shielding the damaged train
-Potential fix for people experiencing crashes when the game is loading
-More potential fixes for save failures

Version 1.0.12 - March 2nd:

-Additional logging to diagnose startup crashes
-More potential fixes for save issues
-Fixed crash when using End Turn hotkey during the tutorial
-Preventing early End Turn with hotkey before Player Turn starts
-Fixed "Glittering C-Beam" from triggering incorrectly
-Final Mission will no longer randomly remove shields from units
-Fixed: Terraformer mission would count as a failure if you froze the terraformed land
-Game Timer UI bugs fixed (would show HH:MMM:SS)
-Potential fix for infinite teleport bug

Version 1.0.14 - March 3rd:

-Save and Profile backup system to prevent corruption after catastrophic failure (BSOD, power loss, etc.)
-Glittering C-Beam fixed (hopefully)
-Critical Shields Passive fixed for Final Battle

Version 1.0.16 - March 6th:

New Options in Menu:
-Disable Frame Limiter
-Disable Screen Shake
-Enable "Grid Overlay" (chess-like coordinates)

-Save / Profile backup system improved reliability
-Potential fixes for some launch failure issues
-Potential fix for minor stutter every couple minutes
-"Emergency Medical Supplies" will work between phases of Final Mission
-Numerous "Order Overlay" fixes to be more accurate
-Fixed minor tooltip errors (text, placement, etc.)
-Minor SFX bug fixes

Version 1.0.17 - March 7th:

-Potential fix for run problems, especially for Intel machines
-Additional logging for diagnosing problems
-Secret Pilot will no longer get useless skills
-Burrower can now be "flipped" by Confuse and Shield Bash
-Forest "light on fire" animation won't be present if the attack also makes smoke
-Abe Armor will correctly register as Corroded w/ ACID
-Minor SFX fixes

Version 1.0.20 - March 12th:

-More fixes for older Intel machines
-Fix for stuttering on some machines since 1.0.17
-Enemies spawning from Water/ACID can no longer land on pods
-Spawn logic from Robot Factory, ACID, or Spiders improved
-Fixed some incorrect predicted damage on weapons
-Fixed repeated SFX when a unit in lava is also in smoke
-Fixed UI bugs at lower resolutions
-Some missions will no longer be valid for certain secrets that could be impossible
-Sidestepping onto a mine and undoing will no longer reset your attack ability
-Fixed: Silica and Archimedes would lose their post-attack bonus if they are saved from death by Nanobots
-Note: Units that die and are repaired later by a separate action will remain inactive

Version 1.0.22 - April 24th (Steam only -- other storefronts later this week):

-Better support for Touch Screen / Tablet PCs
-Viscera Nanobots will now trigger on minor enemies (Spider Eggs, Blobs, etc.)
-Deadly Environment / Unit effects are made more clear to the player
-Potential fixes for some system compatibility issues
-Satellites are now immune to Smoke effects
-Fixed rare bug where a single game could be stuck resisting every Grid Damage
-Fixed some rare token failures in pilot/CEO barks
-Fixed bug where Mechs without weapons could become inactive
-Small changes to the save backup system to prevent corruption
-Phase Cannon will no longer damage buildings on the edge of the map
-Mech falling down a hole will now negate the "Perfect Battle" achievement
-Fixed various strange behaviors that can be triggered by the Blob Boss splitting
-Unstable Mechs will no longer explode incorrectly if using the Psionic Receiver
-Archimedes/Rong save and reload exploit fixed
-Mission where Vek spawn from ACID tiles will no longer spawn units on Frozen ACID tiles
-Losing every Mech in the final mission will correctly result in a Game Over
-Viscera Nanobots will no longer revive units that fell down holes
-Fixed: Info Overlay hotkey sometimes displayed wrong enemy unit info
-Fixed: Rare bug where a repaired unit lost its weapons
-Fixed: Secret Pilot / Ralph pilot skills could be attributed as "environment" for xp
-Fixed: Health bars with 10 (or more) won't look ridiculous
-Attack Order UI fixes
-Minor art/UI/animation fixes
-Minor text fixes

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