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New Build Online -

Postby Justin » Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:34 am

Check your libraries, there's a new build online!
Warning: It's a bigger update so it may take a little longer to download.

Changelog v.

-Two more dynamic music tracks from Mr. Ben Prunty!
-New Slug sectors and events
-New unlockable player ship
-Crewmember skill popout when hovering the mouse of their portrait
-These weapons/drones will now be available to the player, though RARE:
-Glaive Beam (incredibly powerful beam weapon)
-Bio-beam (beam that focuses on killing crew)
-Anti-Ship Drone Mk II
-Boarder Drone

-Cloaking: +60% to base evasion while cloaked, no longer free 100% dodge
-Crew skills now have two stages of mastery
-Events warn the player if buying a crewmember will make them over capacity
-New crewmember is clearly marked when being forced to dismiss crew
-AI should no longer send Engi/Zoltans as boarding parties unless no one else is available
-Zoltans have slightly more health
-AI will give more priority to O2 system repairs when low on oxygen.
-The Boss has been tuned with slightly different timings, strengths, etc.
-Close button on Sector Screen
-Better rewards for capturing a slaver ship alive
-More blue choices for Long-Ranged Sensors
-Lowered enemy missile counts
-Gave mantis some engi crew
-Breach missile cooldown increased
-Tweaked skill leveling requirements

Bug Fixes:
-Crash Fix: Switching out weapons after combat could still cause crashes
-Crash Fix: Teleporting back from the boss could sometimes result in a crash
-Crash Fix: Extremely rare boarding movement based crash
-Possible fix to some rendering / flickering issues
-Boss won't run away at 4 health anymore
-Drones should properly heal in the drone room if damaged
-Anti-Personnel drone will not 'lock onto' full rooms and stay stuck... and he won't move when not powered
-Blast doors were not functioning correctly, their initial health was still too low
-Boss spawning has been fixed, it will always start in the proper position
-Fixed: Super shields (on the Boss) would not block beams if shields were down
-Waiting when out of fuel now functions in the final sector
-Fixed: Doors would sometimes get stuck and stay open when drones deactivated
-Fixed: Teleporter would cease functioning if enemy ship was destroyed (or escaped) mid-teleport
-Fixed: Teleporter command would be removed by weapon activation
-Crew Roster will correctly clear if you die while crew on boarding the enemy
-Survivor/Madman will always be a male
-Door art will reflect the correct level of doors
-Text line length reduced to keep text in the event box
-Smaller cap on shortened crew names to keep them in their boxes
-The Osprey's engine animation works
-Boss Drones will power down after boss destruction (instead of continuing to fight)
-Fixed: Crew skill bars in stores could be infinitely long
-Fixed: Double close required when dismissing excess cremembers
-Fixed: Tutorial UI overlaps and Tutorial freeze state if you kill all the crew of the pirate
-More event typos, etc.
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