[Off topic] ItB-inspired tabletop Nanogame

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[Off topic] ItB-inspired tabletop Nanogame

Postby tosx » Fri May 10, 2019 4:56 pm

Shared this on reddit a while back, since I imagine there's at least a bit of overlap between ItB fans and board gamers.

Forumites over on Boardgamegeek run a bunch of small game design contests. One is the 9-card nanogame (make a game using at most 9 cards and 18 bits). My entry this year is basically a micro version of Into the Breach.
- You play a 6-mission campaign, using a squad of 2 mechs, against.
- You earn upgrades and the equivalent of grid power for completing objectives.
- There are 6 different enemies and 6 different mechs in the contest version.

There's a number of restrictions if you want to vote in the contest, but if you're already on BGG and/or you like the idea of easy-to-assemble nanogames, I encourage you to check out the contest entries here.

Some art from my entry (titled Bury Me in the Rift):
Image Image
The files are directly available here.

Also, this game is actually what got back into my current ItB phase and interested in modding, so it's indirectly responsible for the pilots/squads I've shared on this forum :D

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