Jet Mech - Storm Generator

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Jet Mech - Storm Generator

Postby Robert Scythe » Mon Feb 18, 2019 7:43 pm

Hello, I am new to the forums here. I just bought Into The Breach recently and already put a bunch of hours into it. One bothersome thing, however, is why does the Jet Mech not have the Storm Generator? All of the passives for the other squads make sense on which mech carries them and works well when using Random/Customized (R/C) squads except for the Jet Mech. It seems rather under par with the other mechs when it comes to R/C comparatively:

Vek Hormones has no real reason to be on the Judo or Siege Mechs for R/C fun or synergy and works fine on the Gravity mech.
Flame Shielding is imperative on the Flame Mech as the Meteor Mech does not put out enough fire for it to be necessary to carry it and obviously the Swap Mech doesn't need it.
Viscera Nanobots could arguably make the Leap and Unstable Mechs more effective but, like the Charge Mech, does not lower their value that much and is a good fit for the Nano Mech on R/C runs.
But Storm Generator on the Rocket Mech is not intuitive at all since its only means of creating smoke clouds is rather defensive and, though useful, is not required to be effective (in the same vain as the Meteor Mech) and would make way more sense to be standard on the Jet Mech.

Love this game. And, though this is probably another topic for a strategy discussion, my favorite and challenging customized squad is the Aegis, Swap and Gravity with Archimedes piloting the Aegis. I believe the description that was given for the Steel Judoka works and fits the theme much better with this set up and, though slow to start, is incredibly fun and thought provoking.

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