uploaded new challenge video: no reactor upgrades (just 2 reactor!)

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uploaded new challenge video: no reactor upgrades (just 2 reactor!)

Postby rhaining » Wed Jun 08, 2016 3:01 pm

Finally finished this challenge which was gnawing at me: win with just 2 reactor power -- the minimum you can have out of any stock ship. Played on the hardest settings in a single session so you can see I didn't save the game or cheat permadeath in any way. Hat tip to user Psuemno on YouTube who first published this challenge idea, doing it on Easy mode, which was clearly no easy feat. This challenge vies with my earlier "Crucible" as being the most difficult challenge constraints I've dealt with.


I ended up using a very different weapons strategy than Psuemno did. Psuemno relied heavily on bombs, which makes sense given their high damage-to-power ratio. I ended up using flak 1 + 3x heavy laser + mind control + automated reloader, which proved pretty effective even against high shield, high dodge enemies.

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