Visualising a song from FTL's OST

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Visualising a song from FTL's OST

Postby TaxiService » Wed Jul 22, 2015 2:43 pm

Hello! I don't usually hang out of the modding section but it didn't seem right to post this there. This is a silly video, related to FTL only because it stars a song from its OST (the battle version of Civil), but i really think it's worth sharing.

It's just the song viewed through Audition's spectral frequency display. I needed to check what the original song's bitrate and stuff were because of *modding*, so I opened it with this program and I listened to the song because... why not? it's so good!
I didn't expect to enjoy it so much, though!! Seeing all the sounds and how they "move" throughout the song was so sweet. You can really tell how much work went into it! I thought "i gotta share this with the world" so here it is.
I suggest to watch it in 1080p for more detail

I will take it down if requested. :| but still, it's not like I make profits with ads or anything like that. If ads appear, let me know! It probably means that youtube doesn't give a crap about my settings. :x I wouldn't know thanks to adblock.

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