Modded FTL Live Streaming... Mod requests needed...

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Re: Modded FTL Live Streaming... Mod requests needed...

Postby NewAgeOfPower » Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:31 am

If you want to play it, Requiem 0.6 Beta is out. Note that Requiem is intended to be played with it's own events mod, which is not included in the beta.

Includes 3 ships, 5 weapons, 3 drones. All with custom (and rather unique-looking, I dare say) art and animations.

You can find the Requiem Beta thread here.

Note that the mod is articulated; you'll need to download the core.ftl, then the ship.ftl(s). This allows me to reduce development time and makes bug-hunting easier on me, but just remember to select all the ships you want to play and the core mod file in the mod manager.
Requiem. The first in the Ascension trilogy. Current version: 0.6 BETA.

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