Stormbringer, and FTL: Project Coalition.

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Stormbringer, and FTL: Project Coalition.

Postby Stormbringer » Sat Aug 31, 2019 3:59 pm

Dear everyone on the subset forums,

Hello there.

Some of you may know me, others may not.

I might be The One Who Disappeared to some- or I might be someone who none of you know.

AT any rate, I'm hoping that people know the...

mess that Project Coalition was.

FTL: Wasted Potential.

I had to hiatus during mid-development (back in 2018) and when I came back to the mod, my other head dev- Kix- had changed things a lot. Too much, perhaps. So I left. I didn't want to be part of it anymore, because it was just too...

I'd like to announce my rebooting of the mod using all the old assets (non-arfy assets which I have permission from Kix and the old gang to use.)

I'm aware that he's making a mod drawing off the old elements, but I'd still like to come back with the Old FTL: PC.

For a taste of what the old lore was like, may I turn your attention to this page and its contents: ... Federation


- Stormbringer/Aussie Mantis.
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