[Mod Concept] Mega-class Ships.

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[Mod Concept] Mega-class Ships.

Postby Gencool » Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:01 pm

I jotted down some ideas on a particularly long train journey the other day:-

A mini-boss encounter for each Homeworld Sector; Mega-class ships.

It would require a /lot/ of scripting, as they would be absolutely huge events, which is why it's restricted to one ship per race with a homeworld (No Civ/Rebel/Pirate/Fed/Auto variants, and probably no Crystal since it'd be out-of-character. Lanius is debatable.)

Right now, I'm just writing this as concept, because I'd love to see it. I'd love to contribute to it, too, but I'm still going to focus on my Crew Diversity mod until I finish it. This is an open idea. Do with it as you wish.

A Clash of Titans
Upon hearing of the Rebel's flagship, independent factions from the many races of the universe have sought to build logic-defyingly large ships as a defence. Ships so large that individual parts of the ship require sub-captains. Ships so vast that not even the flagship could target it all in one go.

However, with such powerful weapons owned by fearful races, a full-scale war between the species seems a terrifyingly real possibility. Taking down their mega-ships in the name of the Federation seems like the only way to ensure a safe future.

Take on a Behemoth
When you first encounter the event, you get a distant view of giant ship looming ahead. The ship is too big to render in your viewport, so you have to choose a smaller chunk of the ship to focus on. You attempt to identify any weak-points, and draw up a plan of attack.

Ship sections
The ship is divided into 5 'sections' to fly between; the Bridge, the Weapon Centre, the Shield Centre, The Engines, and a race-specific section.

The Ship Sections act as individual ship encounters, each has a full range of system rooms; Pilot/shield/engine/weapons which 'relay' to their main section.
The main difference is that each section has its relevant 'System' under-charged (because it has to power the entire ship), but the other systems hyper-charged. You choose whichever point you feel happiest attacking.

1) Target The Shields
So, for example, you've chosen to take out the shields. Decent plan. You maneuver the ship around to the shield's weak point, where they only have two shield layers. But the enemy isn't stupid. You're faced with a full set of artillery, and a highly-powered engine/pilot.
If you were to choose the weapons as your first point of call, they may just have the one weapon system with a few lasers, but the shields will be full.

The Shields are Compromised!
So you've destroyed the shield-section of the ship, and see a small portion of this Goliath slowly drifting off into space. You now have a choice to fly around to any of the remaining four sections.
When you get there, you notice that the crew of that area are managing to keep some reserve power functioning their personal shields, but they can muster no more than one layer. This will make the second battle a fair bit easier.

Difference between 'the bridge' and 'the engines'
Since the two systems have similar uses, I propose that they have different support systems and alternate effects when destroyed.
As an example; the Engines are heavily protected, but have low engine power and no auto-pilot. Destroying it will reduce the dodge rate drastically across the whole ship by leaving them with a maximum of one engine.
The Bridge, however, has no weaknesses. Destroying it reduces coordination between the remaining sections, meaning that all their 'overcharged' systems now run at half capacity.
The Bridge could, alternatively, be used to control other common systems such as Drones (reskinned as small fighters?) depending on the race.

End game
I'm not sure how this would play out, but depending on which systems you take out, I'd say that after the second battle you'd get option to negotiate with the remaining crew, or out-right destroy the ship with a final shot.

I would be tempted to keep the battle limited to 2 'sections', as that alone requires 20 variant battles to be written per ship (having a 3rd battle triples that number).
Possibly there would be a post-script that your crew goes on to spread the word of unity, or something similar.
Depending on which sections you destroy, there could be optional 'bad karma' endings (I envisage Bridgeless ships crashing into planets, or weapon-and-shieldless ships being left to the mercy of pirates/meteors) or 'good karma' (Remind the Zoltans that their fear led them to act against their own philosophy, etc)

Additional systems
The 'race specific' sections, in my mind, basically act as a 'hazard type' for the encounter.
Concepts for the race specific systems;
  • Mantis
    Army Transporter; sends a mantis boarding party through to your ship at the start and mid-point of each battle unless destroyed.
  • Slug
    Nebula generator; As it says on the tin, creates an artificial nebula hazard, which doesn't affect the boss-ship, to the encounters unless destroyed. Maybe adds stealth to the ship?
  • Rock
    Planet Burner: a planet-grade weapon that periodically ignites fires across your ship
  • Engi
    Something Ion/Drone based. Maybe Pulsar based.
  • Zoltan
    Zoltan Shields + shield rechargers as a start?


Like I said, this is a beast of a mod, but I recon it's do-able. I'm not scripter (I’m an animator by trade), and i want to focus on the CrewD mod until it's done, so I'm offering this up to you guys (I’ll help where I can).

Anyone have input? Anyone wanna actually try it? Does it already exist and I’m an idiot?
Let me know!
- Gencool (aka Puppetsquid) -- I make weird stuff
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Re: [Mod Concept] Mega-class Ships.

Postby Russian Rockman » Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:48 am

That is a neat concept, seems like it would involve at least 3 events? For each of the 3 parts of the ship it seems. But they would not be able to be all at the same beacon. They would have to be spread across multiple beacons. What you propose is possible, but it would take a large amount of the jumps to complete in each sector and actually seems just as hard/harder than the Rebel Flagship...

I'd actually like to have the Boss Boss, the Flagship, be more like this. That would be more intimidating. But I think that is impossible. However it is "kind of" like that. Losing some of its parts each time you fight it and stuff.

Anyway, what you say is possible, a very interesting concept, but not quite too practical.
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Re: [Mod Concept] Mega-class Ships.

Postby Gencool » Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:14 pm

Can you not lead to a new event/battle from the on-defeat/crewdead/etc events?

Plus if not, it would only be across two beacons.

Also, the key difference with this and the flagship is that you can choose a battle that suits your playstyle.
Every choice in your first battle has a named weakness; 1 layer of sheild, or just small lasers for weapons.
The second half of the battle has the same weakness, plus one more.

The tough part is that, other than the above, the ship is equal/greater than your own, and the fact that it would be a long battle in a hazardous environment (where the hazards only affect you)
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Re: [Mod Concept] Mega-class Ships.

Postby English Narwhal » Wed Apr 23, 2014 5:23 pm

Unfortunately, FTL does not work in a way that allows for events to be changed- for instance, changing the stats of a ship- after the sector has loaded.
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Re: [Mod Concept] Mega-class Ships.

Postby dmi3 » Wed Apr 23, 2014 5:58 pm

English Narwhal wrote:Unfortunately, FTL does not work in a way that allows for events to be changed- for instance, changing the stats of a ship- after the sector has loaded.

Would it not work with quest events? Destroy the weapons section, pick the shields section, and get a quest that spawns the shield ship with limited weapons. It would be tedious to create 20 (or 60) events for each boss, but it can be done.
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Re: [Mod Concept] Mega-class Ships.

Postby Gencool » Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:13 pm

Hmm, the stats wouldn't change; it'd require five seperate ships to be made, each a part of the overall boss, and then you'd encounter two ships in one event.

There'd be a varient of each 'ship' with a slightly different layout (or maybe not even that; just a cap on one attribute), which you'd then be attacked by immediately after killing the first, so it's like a chain sequence.

Large portions of each boss could then just be recycled; copy-paste and change a value or two.
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Re: [Mod Concept] Mega-class Ships.

Postby Sleeper Service » Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:34 pm

Gencool wrote:and then you'd encounter two ships in one event.

Thats not possible as far as we currently know. :|
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Re: [Mod Concept] Mega-class Ships.

Postby Russian Rockman » Thu Apr 24, 2014 7:48 am

I know that this would work, you would just have the first event call whichever section of the ship you wanted to fight. Then if you beat that part you would get a quest which would lead you to the 2nd stage (at a different beacon) to finish off the boss. (Only one possible issue is say a Rock Mega-ship spawned later in the sector, you could end up fighting the second phase of it in the Engi Homeworlds...)

It would require SOMEONE to design the different "mega-ships" then make different "ships" for each section of the whole mega-ship. Then it would just require some scripting. It really would not be too difficult, the hardest part would be designing each of the "mega-ships".

I'm not entirely sure if this would work in normal FTL, but I have 2 ideas of how it could work.
1.) In an Infinite Space style. This would be a way more interesting Boss-fight for Infinite Space, and you could then have it be 3 beacons or even more.
2.) Expanding the ship specific quests. Make it harder to complete each quest, more steps, and then increase the rewards you get for completing those ship quests. I had this idea of tying them into the Final Final boss with augments. Maybe a faction comes and helps you fight the final boss, making it easier in some way.
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Re: [Mod Concept] Mega-class Ships.

Postby Gencool » Fri Apr 25, 2014 11:31 am

Shame that you can't do two ships in one event :\
The quest thing works though. Maybe have the starting beacon for the homeworlds set a quest for the first half of the boss? Since you're hunting them down, it makes sense thematically, and it reduces the chance of the second half going into the next sector.

The infinite space thing sounds pretty cool. Again, 3 beacons is a lot of work. Interesting though!

I love the idea of factions joining you later. Maybe the augments to knock out particular systems, or over-powered faction weapons.
Rewards could be based on the karma ending you choose?
Scrapping the ship gets you an awesome weapon, a race-specific augment and loads of resource
Negotiating gets you a beefed up crewmember, some free system upgrades and a standard weapon or two.

There could also two rewards offered so you can pick the one that suits (no random drones when you don't have the system)
- Gencool (aka Puppetsquid) -- I make weird stuff

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