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Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Events/Textlists

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2013 6:37 pm
by Rworqx
A local space station doctor hails you: Can I use your medbay? I hace some patient that needs treatment in a clean area. I will off course pay you. ( if you accept the fleet has double jump space cause of the delay and need a medbay of lvl 2)

just an idea for text. i would done it myself if i have the skillz to mod

Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Events/Textlists

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 6:18 pm
by cheesyhead11
You come across a small planet, You decide you have enough time and beam down...


1a. you find nothing of interest (50%)

1b. you see a mantis he seems old, you then see a zoltan appear you expect the zoltan to be attacked but nothing happens, then a slug appears, you are confused as they seem to be having a conversation

1. Leave this is too wierd

2. ask them whats going on

1a. you leave quickly (70%)

1b. you begin to leave but the zoltan spots you he calls out and asks who you are, you reply that you are federation and he seems content. You begin to leave again when the mantis calls out and says they want to help you reward: med scrap/random weapon(30%)

2a. you call out but they either can't hear you or dont want to you prepare to leave (60%)

2b. you call out and they semm to be happy to see you, they lead you to their homes, they make you luch and give you a gift before you leave reward: Small-Med scrap(20%)

2c. You startle them and the mantis kills one of your crew by accident, after explaining your friendly they fell terrible and decide to compensate reward:Large scrap+glavebeam or burst-laser mk.lll+lose one crew (20%)

Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Events/Textlists

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 6:45 pm
by cheesyhead11
You come across a door, it seems to be radiating some amazing energy

1. investigate

2. Leave it alone

1a. you open it to see another galaxy through the doorway, you stare in aw> you then see a human waving through the door way, he asks you for a ride as he's been lost for a while reward: human crew (50%)

1b. you open it only to see thousands of robotic lifeforms, you first think that they are engi but then realize that they are humamoid robots they point there lasers at you, they look like they're going to fire...

1. RUN

2.(blue:engi) use him to negotiate

3.(blue:ion) shut them down

1a. you flee but they get a lucky shot and kill one for your crew reward:1 lost crew (60%)

1b. you make it to your ship and set off a warning beacon...(40%)

2a. the engi reaches out to these things and they reply GOAL: UPGRADE ALL OF HUMANITY

2a option a. accept upgrade

2a option b. deny

2a option a outcome: they lead you into a machine, your screams are heard throught the ship... reward: all humans replaced with engi

2a option b outcome: they seem angry and attack, but you make it out intime and bomb the robots, best they never get hands on any humans

3a. the ion works and they shut down you escape and set a warning beacon, you decide to scrap these things before you leave though and collect as much as you can before they wake up reward:med-large scrap (40%)

3b. they resist the ion and kill one of your crew, you are able to escape before anything else happens reward:-1 crew (60%)

Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Events/Textlists

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 6:11 pm
by XxundeadxX
i dont know how to right an event :( but it goes something like this: you find a derelict space station and you find scans of life you find that this station was used for augment installing, but it is protected by an AI and you can only get one augment
1. get zoltan shield
2. get weapons pre-igniter
[blue text if you have an engi] 3. hack into AI and get both

Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Events/Textlists

Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 1:41 am
by cheesyhead11
so had a second idea

You come across a samll space station,and your sensors pick up weak life-forms, you aren't sure if it's safe to enter...

1. Investigate

2.Not worth the risk (leave)

1a. you come across a few dying bodies...

1a. option 1. leave

1a. option 2. (blue: advanced medbay) try to heal one (gain one crew)

1b. you enter the station, and find several corpses crawling to you,they seem angry at you....

1b. option 1. FIGHT

1b. option 2. RUN

1b. option 1 outcome 1. you fire your weapons and easily kill the corpses...reward:nothing

1b. option 1 outcome 2. they resist your lasers and attack one of your crew, one of them bites the neck of your crew and they turn into one of them. luckily you make it out before anyone else died...reward:-one crew

1b. option 2 outcome 1. you make it out and destroy the station, so take some of the scrap that flies against your hull

1b. option 2 outcome 2. you make it out but one of them gets on your ship...reward:mantis border

Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Events/Textlists

Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2013 3:02 pm
by Pelia
As you arrive unto the beacon, you can see a beaten cruiser, bearing Federation credentials. Scans indicate it took heavy damage, life support has failed and there is one life sign left. Suddenly, the ship is requesting to open a comm channel.

1a. Accept.
2a. Do not respond.

2a: Despite an apparent reluctance of some of the crew, you turn away from the stranded ship. *event ends*

1a: You hear a male human: "I am very glad Federation has found me. I'm from spec ops on a secret mission. A slaver ship boarded us and took everyone. I managed to hide, but oxygen is almost out. Listen to me: If you destroy the Flagship, the Rebels will fall! I won't make it, but you still can!"

1b: "We already know, we've been sent with the same data."
2b: Tell him to conserve oxygen and send a rescue party.
3b (Teleporter): Use it to get him on your ship and help him.

2b (70% chance): The crew has come too late and could not revive him. You scrap the ship save the cargo bay, which was on lockdown. REWARD: Low scrap

2b (30% chance): The man has lost consciousness, but the medbay has managed to spruce him up. "Thanks a lot. I'd let you in our locked cargo bay, but I forgot the code." He gives you all scrap he has, but insisted he is better off alone. You patch his ship and he jumps off to search his mates. REWARD: medium scrap

3b: The man has taken a deep breath on your ship. "Never thought I'd love recycled air so much. Take this code, it unlocks my cargo bay. Take all you need and I'll be on my way." You take the bay's contents, fix his ship, and he jumps off with a hearty thank-you. REWARD: High scrap, maybe a wep

1b: "You must be the slaver ship... YOU WON'T TAKE ME ALIVE!!!" Not knowing his mission might have been passed on to someone else, the human has gone furious and cut the comms. Seconds later, he has teleported on your ship, threatening to kill all of the crew. Months of solitude have driven him insane.

1c: Fight the intruder. *1 human boarder with max combat skill*
2c (Blue - L2 Medbay): Attempt to sedate him.
3c (Blue - Mantis Crew): Have him pacify the man.

2c: The man wakes up tied on a bed, so you manage to explain you're his replacement. As he sees the mission is not over, he joins your crew. After all, the last power used for his teleport broke down his ship entirely, which you salvage. REWARD: low scrap, crew member with max combat skill

3c (50% chance): The spec ops are experts in hand-to-hand, but still no match for Mantis natural instincts. The man is constrained and you explain you're Federation. "Fine, I believe you, but I'm not coming with you with that monster on board." He is freed as he suddently steals your shuttle and dashes off. You're left with a big hunk of scrap from his derelict cruiser, which is just enough to build a new shuttle. REWARD: nothing

3c: (50% chance): The spec ops are experts in hand-to-hand, but still no match for Mantis natural instincts. However, they push your crewman too far and he accidentally kills the intruder. All you can do is salvage his cruiser, get him a funeral, and go on. REWARD: medium scrap

Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Events/Textlists

Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2013 6:51 pm
by Pudgesicle
I got an idea, but it isn't for an event, but an augment.
It be called "scout drone" or "super duper satellites" or "Big Marcel's Map machine".
Anyway, the idea is that at an empty beacon or something (usually the first one you start at when you get to a new sector) you would have the option to send out these drones or satellites or whathaveyou to map the sector for you.

Mapping drones. Genius.

Maybe a downside could be that it takes a while for them to do their job, so the rebels advance faster.
Maybe they could be a one time use, so after the augment would disapear, like the damaged stasis container when you get to the zoltan research station.

Or if you want an event, you could stumble upon an automated federation/rebel/zoltan/latino space station that house many a scouting drones or has somekind of long range scanner device.
You'd have to option of activating it (getting map updated, rebels advance cuz its takes time), leaving it alone (nothing) or scraping it (scrap, maybe fight a drone or something).

Hell, maybe one of your zoltan/engi/ethnic crewmembers could reconfigure the drones to hassle the rebel fleet, buying you some time.

Just an idea.

Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Events/Textlists

Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2013 7:01 pm
by Pelia
This is quite a splendid idea, I would definetely put it into the game :)

Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Events/Textlists

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2013 8:43 am
by Pudgesicle
I got another one, a hostage situation.

You would arrive at a beacon where many weak civilian ships have weapons charged and targeted on a nearby space station (rock, zoltan, rebel, doesn't matter). When you hail the ships, they would tell you that a mutiny has occurred on the station, and the mutineers had pledged allegiance to the rebels (or they don't, hell they all could have space syphilis). Anyway they've taken a bunch of crew hostage and demand money.

1) Pay scrap.
The mutinous crew would take a ship and leave them in peace. You get nothing, a weapon, repairs, drone, map update (maybe the station belonged to marcel and has maps) crew (someone offers service in exchange for your payment) or access to the space stations store. You could also bribe them with some kind of commerce item, like weapons or luxury goods. END EVENT

2) Attack

2A) Board them, burn them, bio them, in some way remove the crew. Get the same rewards as #1, maybe some scrap also. END EVENT

2B)Destroy the station. Small scrap reward. Civilian ships are not happy. Crew is not happy. Some may leave.
If you have a mantis or slug ship augment, you wouldn't lose any crew and you would have the option to threaten the civilian ships 4 moar $$$$$$.
Maybe the civilians don't like this, and manage to do some damage to your ship, and force you away from the beacon, denying you of any rewards or the option to extort them. END EVENT

3) Negotiate. Like the final part of getting the zoltan cruiser quest, you have the option to talk it out. This could end in the mutineers giving up, destroying the station (they realize that they are not going to get anything), fighting you, or you getting kicked away from the beacon by the civilians for making things worse. This one might take a bit of creative writing though (I could help).

4)Wait them out.
You could blockade the station, and prevent the mutineers from getting supplies and food n stuff. Maybe two turns or so it would take. The rebels advance, mutineers surrender the hostages, all is well. Same rewards as 1. END EVENT.

5)Fight the civilian ships.
This is the 'evil risk crew leaving' option. You would target the strongest ship, and destroy or board them.

5a)All the other ships jump away and you scrap the measly ship for low scrap. The mutineers reward you with very little, update your map, delay rebels ("they went thatta way"), open store, give weapon, augment, or a pat on the back. END EVENT

5b)You are able to fully extort the civilians with the help from the station. Large scrap reward. END EVENT

5c)The mutineers realize that they aren't getting any money out of this hostage taking and force you away from the beacon with the station's defence system. No reward. Take damage. END EVENT

6) (special) Have your zoltan crew use his super skills in diplomacy to resolve the situation.
To me, the zoltans seem kinda neglected, having few and far between any events where they can insta fix them.
The zoltan would then either get the mutineers to leave without any ransom scrap, to surrender and be arrested for high reward, or significantly reduce the cost of the ransom scrap. END EVENT.

Just a thought.

Re: FTL Captains Edition: Call for Events/Textlists

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2013 9:21 am
by Pelia
There are quite a lot of options on this event, but I like the fact you have devised Zoltan to do the blue thing, they really haven't had much chances so far and they truly have very good manners which makes them very suitable for negotiation.

Some may think I do nothing but rate other's ideas, and they're pretty much right, I have a lot of free time on my hands and when WoT matches terribly I rather go here :D Or play Warframe.