6 Best FTL Mods You Can't Play Without

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6 Best FTL Mods You Can't Play Without

Postby varshith123 » Sat Jul 25, 2020 6:25 am

Better Planets and Backgrounds.
Captain's Edition.
Extended Pursuit Indicator.
Descent into Darkness.
Star Trek Hulls.
The Banana.
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Re: 6 Best FTL Mods You Can't Play Without

Postby KingdomKrafters » Sat Jul 25, 2020 7:50 pm

I would highly recommend trying mods other than CE...
CE is a highly overrated mod, it's 100% a quantity over quality situation. The balance in the mod is abhorrent and little in the mod was pulled off properly. Minefields (which are functionally shield piercing asteroid fields that don't target the enemy), unavoidable damage nebula hazards that can't be detected, worthless RNG based combat augments that just waste your power, enemies with unlimited ammo missile combat drones, tons and tons of useless filler equipment like minelaunchers that are worthless on the player ship and pollute stores, taking up the space of what could be actually useful weapons, events that immediately turn your own crew against you, a god awful morality system that takes any fun out of a game not based in any way around morality, hazards on the stage 3 boss fight, unbalanced and just plain stupid weapons like phase ions, terrible spritework and a lot of stuff that definitely isn't lore friendly despite the mod claiming to be, just to name a few of the many flaws.

It doesn't make the game harder because they balanced it to be harder, it makes the game unfair because they couldn't be bothered to actually balance it.

CE hasn't been updated in years and it's barely functional on the latest versions of FTL anyways because of the bugs brought on by 1.6.9. It's a terribly low bar and far inferior to so many of the more recent mods.
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Re: 6 Best FTL Mods You Can't Play Without

Postby Engi-nious » Sun Jul 26, 2020 6:10 am

KingdomKrafters wrote:... and a lot of stuff that definitely isn't lore friendly despite the mod claiming to be...

This one always got me. It's a weird claim to make - either say "New, Expansive, Original Lore!" or actually endeavor to make it lore friendly. But it's not in line with the sort of stuff you see in the original game at all.
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Re: 6 Best FTL Mods You Can't Play Without

Postby Biohazard063 » Sun Jul 26, 2020 7:15 am

That's quite the rant on CE...

CE surely isn't without flaw, but it sure doesn't warrant scrutiny like that. You've worked on Project Coalition right?
Need I really continue? I've played enough of it to know what state it is in. And how many of the arguments you applied to CE also are checked of here.
I'm not looking for an actual answer here for I do like CE and PC and other overhauls, nor do I plan on going into debate over what is good and what is bad.

CE isn't overrated, it's just the most known one since it was "the first major overhaul" and came out in FTL's prime time. So everyone was playing it, commenting on it and that got it stuck at the top of the forum. Meaning more people saw it and the loop continued. I'm fairly certain that if Hyperspace ever becomes widely played, the same thing will happen with Multiverse.

I've been cycling through overhauls (Captain's Edition, Arsenal+ and Project Coalition) up till very recently and I can't say I've found anything broken with CE. Lore wise? There are some inconsistencies with it, but FTL's lore was left pretty vague on purpose.

Anyway, bottom line here being that sure, CE isn't perfect but all overhauls have their issues and I don't think it deserves the hatred given here.

And to get back on topic, 6 mods I always have running would be:
Extended Pursuit x3
Planets and backgrounds
An overhaul mod (CE, A+, PC or Multiverse)
Doged (custom MISS icon)
My custom music mod (mash up of Ben Prunty's Deep Space and 2 other tracks)
Advanced Limited Time Offer (not in combination with Multiverse)
Amateur modder and Let's player (with a substantial FTL and ItB LP featuring countless mods).
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