[OVERHAUL MULTIVERSE ADDON] - Eldritch Horrors: Chapter 3 (The Crawling Chaos) v0.4

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[OVERHAUL MULTIVERSE ADDON] - Eldritch Horrors: Chapter 3 (The Crawling Chaos) v0.4

Postby SallySpartan » Fri Jun 26, 2020 11:38 pm


Multiverse is a large and expansive over-haul for FTL that has hundreds of enemies and dozens of sectors. It is also still being worked on. If you'd like to try Eldritch Horrors you will need Multiverse. It might run without it but I didn't crash test it with out it so if you choose... do so at your own risk. You can install multiverse here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=35332

Hyperspace is a powerful new hard-coded FTL mod, which you must install separately. Hyperspace adds the ability to add new player ship slots, new alien races, and many other new features. You can install hyperspace from here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=35095

Thanks to voting in the discord, all future versions will be posted here as well as the discord! If you'd like to help development, or participate in the upcoming pathing of content, join the discord here: https://discord.gg/9c2sUM6

If you join, not only will you see sneak peaks of my progress, but you can also help vote for the next part of Chapter 3 for me to work on after each version.

*Each newer chapter contains all the content from the previous chapters, so if you want it up to date you only need the most recent file*

Chapter 3 - The Crawling Chaos
V0.4 (Grand Theft Biblio): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_RX7wo ... sp=sharing *Updated to Multiverse 4.8
V0.3.4 (Q'yth-Az update): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BkQPoO ... sp=sharing
*Updated to Multiverse 3.12

Chapter 2 - Merchants of Madness
V0.9.2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/128ZiGD ... sp=sharing
V0.9.1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12FWteP ... sp=sharing
V0.9: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12Ht88m ... sp=sharing
*Requires at least Multiverse 3.3 and Hyperspace 0.5*

Chapter 1 - Deep Infection
V0.9: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jEc1PV ... sp=sharing
*Requires Multiverse 2.10 and Hyperspace 0.3*

Originally designed to be only the Deep Ones, it eventually ballooned to the Eldritch Horrors project you see now. Eldritch Horrors is an add-on, primarily developed by SallySpartan, for Multiverse. Right now Chapter 2 is available in full here, but I will be working on experimental builds for Chapter 3 on the discord. Each Chapter going forward will add 1 brand new species, and six crew sub-types (elites, cultists, or zombies). These creatures, the lore, and the ideas come from adapting Lovecraft and his works, and works based on his works into FTL in a way that makes sense for FTL.

If you have FTL Bingo, I have a folder inside the ftl that has new bingo images. I recommend getting the Multiverse bingo pack first, and then moving these images into that folder.

The Dreadlands have opened revealing horrors and societies from the deep and the dark. Zombies, and Mimics, Mind Control and Evil Corporations, A King in Yellow, and talk of a flesh covered book. Perhaps you will visit a planet crawling in cats, perhaps tentacles. You might visit the University to help expand your knowledge or try to find a translator in order to avoid the things that cause weeping and wailing in the dark abyss. No matter what you do however, you will never be able to break the unending hideousness that is the cosmic truth.

Chapter 1 - Deep Infection
The Deep Ones, fish folk who lived for centuries off of the scrap of space faring species are now appearing again after their civil war shattered the majority of their forces.
The Star Children, Deep Ones who have become corrupted by their deals with the Cthulhi, the Star Spawn of Cthulhu.
Zombies, an infection virus that seems to have no stop, and are currently being researched by a particular corporation.
The Miskatonic University, a special location in the Dreadlands that, supposedly, holds a repository of all information in the multiverse.

Chapter 2 - Merchants of Madness
The Moon-Beasts are a mercantile race that specializes in getting deals at shops, and having the ability to map the sector very easily due to their knowledge of trade routes.
The Oorn-Beasts, Moon-Beasts corrupted and worshiping the destructive goddess Oorn.
Gla'akians are slug cultists that aim to see the future
Shuma-Zoltans are zoltans that have come to the decision that the only way to have peace is to kill everything
Special infected - The zombie virus is spreading and mutating!
There are talks of a flesh covered book being found in the Dreadlands.

Chapter 3 - The Crawling Chaos
The Mi-Go are a scientific technocratic fungoid race whose morality system is entirely different than we can comprehend. Their powerful Bio-Weapons and ships made out of the chitin of their fallen make them an eerie opponent even to the Elder Cultists.
Daolothian Engi hope to scrap the universe in order to gift it to their new god and mind.
Mhar Rockmen want the world to burn as Mhar awakens.
Q'yth-Az crystals are followers of Q'yth-Az that wish to see everything transform into a crystalline form.
The Scrags are the most mutated of Shub-Niggurath's followers, despite the cult having many species as members.
Hybrids - Experiments made by the Mi-Go by splicing other species together
Husks - Crystalized species that no longer have any self functions, controlled by Q'yth-Az themself.
Shadows - Shadow variants that can be summoned by various Eldritch forces and events.
More Special Infected - Be warry of the new mutations.

Chapter 1 Major Factions
Chapter 2 Major Factions
Chapter 3 Major Factions

And more ships and minor factions beyond this
New weapons for the Deep Ones, Moon-Beasts, Mi-Go, Gla'akian, and Shuma-Zoltans
15 new sectors
A University with lore for every faction, species, and eldritch force in Multiverse and Eldritch Horrors
Pacts with Eldritch Gods
Interaction with Elven Honors
And more!


Eldritch Horrors: SallySpartan
Mod Mentor, Miniship helper, Logo maker, animation fixer (ch1 weapons): Kix
Many generic events ideas for chapter 2, and several events for Chapter 3: Mech The Dane
Slantis Sprites and many ideas: DoctorMaybe
The Mhar ship recolors: ScottishPingu
The majority of the idea and stats for Bassault: Admiral Billy
For Chomper and Cosmic Panther sprites: felipeMello
For Arachne and Hive worm sprites: MoreorLesser
Original sprites by the team of Multiverse: Kix, Laythe, Woona, AgentTHeKat, Markus_McCloud, PDTM (Please Don't Touch Me), Magic Badger, Solid Boi

Thanks to Hyperspace: TheSwiftTiger, Winderp, ih8ih8sn0w
Thanks to Jecrell of Rimworld Mod fame. His Rimworld of Madness - Cosmic Horrors inspired me to add Deep Ones into this game which started this whole thing.
Also Thanks: To You guys who are downloading and trying my first FTL Mod! Thank you for stopping and commenting on issues so I can fix them!

*PS: If you want to help out I am more than happy to get an assist, I have a lot I want to do and the more help the faster it will be completed.

Gibs will be done at a later date or when someone else wants to do them for EH. I want to get the content done before trying to work on gibs.
Graphical issue with atypical rooms
*all known issues in MV and Hyperspace are also still issues
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Re: Eldritch Horrors (A Multiverse Add-On)

Postby ScottishPingu » Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:05 pm

I haven't tried this yet but it looks sweet! You've clearly put a decent amount of time into this. I look forward to trying it.
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Re: Eldritch Horrors (A Multiverse Add-On)

Postby SallySpartan » Wed Jul 01, 2020 2:08 pm

Thank you, I'm hoping you find it as awesome as it looks. I should have Chapter 2 ready this year as well, or at least that is the plan.

If you want to jump to the sectors via console instead of naturally finding them, I'd wait for sector 4 and then jump (since they aren't supposed to show up until then). The sector IDs for console are
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Re: Eldritch Horrors (A Multiverse Add-On)

Postby Freemankiller » Wed Jul 22, 2020 6:13 pm

I've just recently began playing the multiverse mod and I wanted to ask if this increases diffilculty

I'm not really a FTL pro who wins every time or casual that dosen't care about winning, so I wanted to know if this impacts game diffilculty in a mayor way / balanced, I don't wanna get stomped by some giant cthulu vessel out of nowhere haha

Also love that cooperation logo :lol: mod seems extremly cool
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Re: Eldritch Horrors (A Multiverse Add-On)

Postby SallySpartan » Fri Jul 24, 2020 5:56 pm

I wouldn't say there is a huge difficulty spike. If you are planning to use the forum's chapter 1, the sectors might be a bit difficult (Not 100% about the balance yet, but close I think) however the Eldritch Horror stuff is like 98% contained in the new sectors added. Only crew can occasionally spawn for enemies or shop but other than that it is pretty contained. Chapter 2 will be slightly more integrated but for the time being it is still primarily separate. If you feel like there is some difficulty spike please let me know, because I am trying to keep it balanced for the most part.
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Re: [OVERHAUL MULTIVERSE ADDON] - Eldritch Horrors: Chapter 2 (Merchants of Madness)

Postby SallySpartan » Thu Aug 06, 2020 4:16 am

With the update, EH events are now out in other sectors as well, so be careful out there.
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Re: [OVERHAUL MULTIVERSE ADDON] - Eldritch Horrors: Chapter 2 (Merchants of Madness) v0.9.2

Postby Biohazard063 » Fri Aug 28, 2020 6:25 am

Hi there, just added EH to multiverse and had my first stream with it active.
Got to say, loving it so far!

I came across a few issues that you might want to address. Nothing balance wise of course, just "you probably missed this" type of stuff.
* The crew that are on those "Zushkon" ships or whatever? They seem to be immune to mind control, yet it doesn't give a "RESIST" pop-up like it does with slugs. So it looks broken even though it's probably intended. (I don't actually know). Not sure if this can be addressed or not but just mentioning in case something can be done. It's purely visual but it does annoys me a more than it should.

* The "Revelations", Gla'akian Cruiser A, buying shields only gives 1 bar. So the total cost for a single shield layer is 225. I don't know if this is an oversight, looking at the quality of the mod it could just as easily be a design choice. But it would be nice to either see it fixed or get an indicator regarding that 1 bar.

Well, that's it for my first run. If you don't mind, I'll keep doing these little "bug" reports as I find them.
And once again, great work!
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Re: [OVERHAUL MULTIVERSE ADDON] - Eldritch Horrors: Chapter 2 (Merchants of Madness) v0.9.2

Postby SallySpartan » Fri Aug 28, 2020 4:54 pm

Thank you for the input, I'll be investigating it and doing any updates to the WIP chapter 3.

I'm not 100% sure about the resist thing but I'm almost sure it is a hyperspace issue. I'm asking around to see if there is a fix at the moment.

For the shield issue, It should be fixed by the next discord update

Please let me know if there are any other bugs or balancing issues you find, it'll help the experience over all.

Thank you for playing EH, hope I can make it for the next runs!
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Re: [OVERHAUL MULTIVERSE ADDON] - Eldritch Horrors: Chapter 2 (Merchants of Madness) v0.9.2

Postby SallySpartan » Wed Sep 23, 2020 6:11 pm

Well thanks for popping by, there are constant fixes on the Discord version, while the one on the forums gets updated at the end of a "chapter" of work.

I hope you enjoy it, it does have a decent amount of content.

The next chapter should release on the forums before Christmas, but I'm currently working on one additional FTL project, which is about the size of Chapter 3, thus why it is taking some time to finish it.

If you have any suggestions or find any bugs please let me know!
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Re: [OVERHAUL MULTIVERSE ADDON] - Eldritch Horrors: Chapter 3 (The Crawling Chaos) v0.3.4

Postby SallySpartan » Mon Oct 19, 2020 1:20 am

As posted in the top now, Every update will be posted here as well as on the discord. This update is largely a bug fix for the Q'yth-Az update and fixes for the missing drones due to the drone update. There are still many fixes needed, but a lot of the worse ones should be fixed long enough for the next content update to be complete.

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