Skateboard terrain

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Skateboard terrain

Postby claudineskiles » Mon Apr 13, 2020 3:44 am

One of the things that make skateboarding becomes more and more popular and attractive to people is the tricks. So what are tricks? Tricks are maneuvers done on a skateboard by the skater.

There are many tricks. Most of them are invented by professional skateboarders who have a lot of skills to deal with different skateboarding terrains. It is those terrains that make different tricks. Some common terrains that we see today are gaps, transition, flat ground, and ledges.

For all skateboarders from professional to beginners, the most and foremost place they try is the flat ground where they can start to do some basic tricks to get more familiar with the board.

Kids who first come to skateboard should start with the flat ground, too. A good board will help them learn better. Parents can read this best skateboard for young kids to learn on

Although the flat ground is the most basic terrain, there are still many tricks done on this ground. having to say that, tricks performed on flat ground are limitless. If you don’t know what is a flat ground, then let think about the driveway. It is a typical example of this type of terrain.

There are two types of tricks that can be done on the flat ground which are ollie and kickflip. In ollie, the skateboarder will jump off the ground. In the kickflip, players will jump up into the air and rotate their bodies, then land back on the deck.


They sound pretty difficult and complicated, and yes they take skateboarders’ time to be mastered, too. However, you know hard work will be paid off. Once you can master them, you can do many other tricks even more difficult.

The second terrain I want to mention here is the transition. You may find this terrain can come in different forms. However, the most common type is one known as a half pipe. This terrain is formed like a boat which is flat in the middle, and there are two inclined planes on the sides. Tonny Hawk, a famous skateboarder, is the one who invented this.

Actual handrails are chosen by most of the skateboarders due to its dangerous nature. To this terrain, players will play on the street or in the skateparks where there are handrails. It was Leonardo Romero who made this become more popular in the skateboard community.

Beginners shouldn’t try this terrain. As I mentioned earlier, this ground is quite dangerous. One small mistake will make you fall on the handrail and lead to serious injuries.

Cruising is another type of skateboarding. With this game, you basically just cruise and do not do any tricks. Skateboarders can skate down the hill or on the road. Refer to this best cruiser skateboards under $100 at Skateadvisors.

Another terrain is known as the gap. This is very popular among all skateboarders. One most common gap is the stair set. For this terrain, skateboarders will jump from the top stair to the bottom with the body and the skateboard in the air. This terrain can come in different forms. The one with a large grass at the bottom stair is the most common and archivable for most skateboarders. One of the skateboarders who made this terrain become popular in the world of skateboarding is Gershon Mosely, a professional skateboarder.

The last but not least terrain I want to introduce in this post is known as a ledge. This terrain was made popular by Rodney Mullen who is also well-known and famous. A ledge is where skateboarders will grind. This has a cement structure and very common among all skateboard players.

The ledges can be easily damaged by skateboarders as they usually grind the metal part directly to the ledges. This is why citizens in many towns do not allow skateboarders to play on their ledges.

You see, there are many types of terrain for you to play and pursue different tricks. Those above are just some most common ones. You can explore some more on your own. This is one of the factors that make skateboarding more appealing, and it will never end.

There are many other great skateboarding posts, read at SkateAdvisors on Tumbrl:
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Re: what is the first mod i should use?

Postby Jumbocarrot0 » Mon Apr 13, 2020 9:56 am

Captain's Edition and Arsenal+ are two rather big mods that add a lot to the game, both worth a play.

I also recommend Stations Job, which is probably the most gameplay changing mod out there, and No Time to Lose, designed to be played without pausing the game, making it more fast-paced.
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Re: what is the first mod i should use?

Postby Gidoza » Mon Apr 13, 2020 3:20 pm

I'll add in the 26 Flagships Mod, which gives you a different Flagship fight at the end of every game.

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