[OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.5.1 [The Shell Update; Part 1]

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Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 2.6 [The Hyperspace Update]

Postby TheSwiftTiger » Thu Jun 11, 2020 2:00 pm

MrHoody wrote:Hi, I'm really enjoying this mod and how frequent the updates are :) at the moment 2.6 isn't working for me. It crashes when I click start to try and start a game. I have updated hyperspace to 0.3 and tested it with 2.5.4 and that works fine. Pic of ship selection scree below:


It looks like Hyperspace was updated incorrectly. Are you sure you have replaced the files in the "Extract where FTLGame.exe is" folder?
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Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 2.7 [The Hacker Update]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Fri Jun 12, 2020 1:43 am

2.7 is out! Adds the Hacker faction, and the hacked civilian sector.

Code: Select all


Added the Hacker Faction and Hacked Civilian Sector.

Anti-Drone mk 3 uses 3 power now.

Federation Refueling Station no longe ruses the boss box.

EMP Generator now thirds enemy reactor power.

Removed the smuggler selling player weapons from all but pirate and black market sectors.

Civilian loot transport escapes quicker.

Orchid cruisers now use a special, stronger version of the explosive replicator.

Separatist debug event now has a special blue option for Defenders with a 100% success rate.

Lost Sun ships now have mixed crew between regular rocks and commandos.

Nerfed Tully's health.

The flagship now spawns with some engineer crew, as well as humans and soldiers. It will also no longer regenerate crew after

killing a stage.

Increased the price of Chain Focus.

Chain Focus does one less damage to systems than its current hull damage.

Reduced Multiverse Cruiser C's starting weapon power by 1.

Ghost Hunter B starts with a 1 power Frost Laser mk 2.


Fixed some tpyos.

Fixed the Flagship boss having almost no crew.

Fixed ghost hunter A not having augments.

Fixed the separatist debug event always removing a regular Engi, regardless of which Engi crew type you used for the blue option.

Fixed chain focus not making a sound when firing.

Custom beacons now have the special "nubs." Just a small graphical fix.

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Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 2.8 [The Nebula Update]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Sun Jun 14, 2020 7:17 pm

2.8 is out!
Improves nebula sectors and nebula beacons!

Code: Select all


Added 13 new Generic Nebula events.

Added 1 new Slug Nebula event.

Added the Light Nebula hazard, which is also used in the Coalition Cealaformer event.

Nebula beacons can now be distress beacons.

The Slug Saboteur lifeform detection ability is not currently working. As a temporary fix, Coalition C has a special version of

Slug Gel that also reveals enemy crew.

Nebula sectors can now pull from a wide veriety of possible non-nebula events, rather than just the generic "items" and "distress"


Added more slug pirate ships.

Added 4 new hacker ships.

Added a new exit beacon to the hacker sector.

Killing MFK Aces in the fleet delays the fleet by 1 jump.

Humans are more rare and slugs are more common in nebulas.

The crew kill quest event now checks for all kinds of anti-bio weapons.

Separatists can now be found in nebula sectors but orchids cannot.

Coalition B no longer starts with sensors.

Crates of resources can now be found in stores. They take an augment slot, and can be opened at empty beacons to give a randomzied

amount (randing from 5 to 10) of their designated resource.

Autoships now have orange cloaks.

Temporarily removed the Rogue slug nebula encounter. Will be added back in a future update. (Faction is not yet done being created)

Added a new Crystal Cache background and reused the old planet as a new water planet.

Added more possible nebula names.

Hacker Auto-Assault is now labeled as "Hacked Auto-Assault"


Quest and exit beacons have nubs now.

Fixed a few events not having combat preparations.

Fixed the tuco and casino encounters having the wrong win events.

Fixed the automated fuel surrender using the wrong text.

Fixed orchid teleport taking a long time.

Fixed the zoltan pulsar encounter in the black market having an asteroid field.

Fixed not being able to hold a ritual in the last stand.

Fixed the known "issue" with the background crashes from special background beacons being loaded on-top of each other. This didn't

normally affect gameplay much, but it caused issues with a new feature being added. This increased the file size a bit (as some

backgrounds had to be duplicated) but hopefully its worth it.

Fixed Ancient Beam using the Ancient Focus sprite.

Improved shading on some slug ships.

Fixed some shading issues on Rock Transport.


Added a little credits message for the Hyperspace devs.
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Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 2.9 [The Rockman Update]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Wed Jun 17, 2020 7:18 pm

2.9 is out!
Nothing interesting to write for the news so I didn't bother.
But uh, big rock man stronk

Code: Select all


Added new Rock events.

The vanilla Rock Unlock event has been repurposed to serve as a regular rock quest.

The Rock symbiote event is now homeworlds only.

Modified the crystal station stasis event to just give a crystal crew and appear randomly.

Modified the Crystal device event.

You can no longer use storage options that involve fleet delay at the last stand.

Added Rockman Crusaders and Rockman Outcasts.

Lost Sun Commandos no longer explode. Instead, outcasts do.

Human Soldiers now upgrade shields for cheaper instead of weapons.

Nerfed EMP Generator back up to halving enemy reactor.

You can no longer repair a single hull point for free with Repairbots.

Added a check to Combat Augments to see whether the player has enough power to afford using the augment.

Nerfed Recycler Minelauncher fleet delay option to only have a 25% chance to work.

You can no longer get the scanner from the starting weapon pool, but you can get the scanner drone from the drone pool.

Added Crusaders and Outcasts to Rock blue options.

Increased rewards from outposts.

Increased the price of upgrading obsidian armor.

Increased the number of neutral events in the Last Stand and prevented filler events from spawning (hopefully).

Destroying the Ancient wreck gives a larger reward.

Added a logo to Elite Rock Vessels.

Changed one of the Flagship Engineers back to a regular human.

Lost Sun give away a random weapon was not working, so instead they ask for your missiles and droneparts.

Changed the prefix on Rock Elites to Inquisition.

Added Anti-Hull Laser Mk III

Added a new drone to the Auto-Loot pool.

Added a crystal blue option to the crystals testing on aliens.


Fixed some tpyos.

Fixed some missing combat checks.

Fixed Orchid shuttle having ghost crew.

Orchid Greenshouse wasn't working, so Orchid cruisers use explosive replicator instead.

Fixed the Last Stand store not having the last stand storage check.

Fixed some Rock blue options not counting all kinds of Rockmen.

Fixed the two proton pack augments not apearing in the storage check menu.

Fixed the xenophobic store not detecting some aliens.

Fixed Civilian Refueling Station not having the boss box.

Fixed Lanius Welders not counting for lanius blue options or anaerobic crew blue options.

Fixed some coloring on Lanius B.

Shortend Engi Defender description to prevent it from rolling over.


Fixed some missing devs from the metadata.
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Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 2.11.1 [The Lanius Update, Part 1]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Tue Jun 23, 2020 5:16 pm

Lanius Update, part 1 is released!

Code: Select all


Added/changed the events in the Abandoned Sector.

Added Elite Lanius ships.

Abandoned Sector now has a 50/50% chance to spawn a militia guard or no ship.

Zoltan Deleter pierces all shields again.

Added a new Lanius Trapper sprite.

Used the old Lanius Trapper sprite as a new Lanius Shuttle.

Added a hostile elite encounter to the Rebel Stronghold.

Rebel Elites always drop a weapon now.

Removed the lanius specific text from the abandoned sector stores and empty beacons and added new text.

Soldiers now fight at the same speed as Mantis, but learn skills 10% faster than humans.

Asteroid moon storm event now uses a planet with a moon sprite and has been changed to allow you to leave if you hear about the


Boss missiles can no longer start fires, but charge a second quicker.

Unexplored nebula sectors now use separate event lists, and regularly spawning nebula beacons/nebula exit beacons can no longer

pull from certain events.

The flagship uses its own combat check now that won't let the player use targeting jammer as it has no effect.

Militia ships are now 50% human and 50% random crew.

Added Rebel Engineer pirate variants.

Added the Crystal flak, courtesy of Kobo.

Crystal enemies can use crystal chargegun and crystal flak.

Added the hostile Rock Outcast encounter in regular rock sectors.

Haunted Nebula Sectors now have a special start beacon background image.

Added a new heavy pierce laser sprite and made it able to appear in stores. Some enemies can also use it.

Changed Multiverse B artillery's description.

Improved the heavy laser sprite.

Changed the prefix on Zoltan elites from Peace to Peace-keeping

Improved Civilian Scout, Fed Station, Guard, Light Cruiser, and Corvette sprite.

Added more abandoned sector randomized names.

Added more tips.

Centered the vent on the vanilla Federation scout. It's very important.


Fixed some tpyos.

Fixed some missing combat checks in events.

Fixed the ghost event in auto sectors giving humans instead of ghosts.

Fixed not being able to use combat check on the Militia guard.

Fixed piercing torch only piercing 1 shield layer (however, now it says it pierces 3 shield layers in the weapon description).

Fixed the ion weapon from the hacker cache not giving a weapon.

Fixed the Coalition construction yard spawning a jailer.

Hacker cache now divides sensors and doors rather than reduce them to prevent clearing not working.

Fixed missing doors on the Slug Destroyer.

Fixed hacker sector appearing multiple times per run.

Fixed new crystal weapons using laser sound effects.

Fixed the Auto-Enforcer always starting with cloaking and drone-control.

Fixed Fed Guard not being able to use drones.

Fixed Coalition Station cloak offset.

Fixed the damaged carryship event not spawning a ship.

Fixed some more of the peaceful ships boarding bugs.

Fixed some discrepancies in cloaks.


Added more <FTL> tags around various files... shouldn't have a difference on gameplay.

The XML was getting really pissy over the & character in the Private Quarters augment, so it's been changed.
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Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 2.11.2 [The Lanius Update, Part 2]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Sun Jun 28, 2020 2:14 am

Lanius Update Part 2 is ready!

Code: Select all


Added the Lanius Swarmlands.

Added more Lanius Elites.

Lanius ships no longer use the vanilla destroyed/crew kill/surrender events but rather new MV ones.

Nerfed salvaging greatly.

Increased the price of the EMP Generator. It also now requires 2 fuel to activate. Also changed the name to EMP Field.

Reduced the amount of starting crew on the Pleasure Cruisers.

Added socialization options for Welders.

Added more pirates.

Added a new Federation ship.

Cinquedea beam only pierces 2 shields now.

Some Elite ships now drop equipment when defeated.

Added a Lanius boarding event in abandoned sectors.

Increased minelauncher cooldowns.

All trappers now only have 7 missiles.

Lanius pun boarding event no longer creates a breach.

Modified Magnet Arm's description to explain its usage better.

Engi Guard no longer drops Flak defense, but rather an overcharger.

Pirate Dusk Dropship now has a higher min-sector.

Steal Armor now stacks with other augments.

Summoning more ghosts with the Haunted Quarters now uses more fuel.

Changed Pleasure C's name to the Necromancer and gave it a kalis and doors.

The confused Free Mantis ship will no longer surrender.

Increased Obsidian Armor ugprade prices even more.

Decreased the severity of the Zolan checkpoint event.

Rock C only starts with 30 health now.

Changed minelauncher descriptions.

Weakened Tully.

Scanners are now more common in uncharted nebulas.

Added an ASB to the Hacker Sector exit beacon.

The last stand slug spectator event now only has a 50% chance of giving slotz.

Lanius Elites use special colored cloaks.

Changed Murder-Bot's description.

Increased the brightness of the Elite Lanius Fighter.


Fixed some tpyos.

Fixed the offset of some ships.

Fixed not being able to talk to outcasts in the last stand, and finished the rest of the socializing lines.

Fixed the Elite Rebel encounter in Fed sectors not spawning an Elite.

Fixed the Gunboat Ace giving the wrong crew kill event.

Fixed the Elite Rebel Bomber in Free Mantis sectors not having mixed crew.

Fixed the mistaken orchids not turning neutral after surrendering.

Fixed the Civilian Coreworlds spawning before sector 2.

Fixed the taunting slug ship only having mantis/engi crew.

Fixed the Zoltan blue option in the Zoltan Checkpoint event being the same as improved doors.

Fixed Cluster Heal bomb's frame height being too high.

Fixed MFK Aces sometimes trying to have 12 shield power.

Fixed the Engi judge checking for lvl 3 cloaking instead of lvl 5.

Improved the destroyed carryship sprite.

Fixed missing combat checks on certain events.

Fixed Hacker Assailant not having crew.

Fixed various choices not having hidden rewards.

Fixed some small graphical issues on the Lanius Battleship.
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Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 2.12 [The Hyperspace Update 2]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Fri Jul 03, 2020 2:50 pm

Version 2.12 is ready! Uses Hyperspace 0.4, so make sure to update here; viewtopic.php?f=11&t=35095

Code: Select all


Changed Elite Crew powers and balancing.

Engi Defenders can now activate their shields temporarily to take reduced damage in combat and see adjacent rooms.

Slug Saboteurs no longer cloak when shooting, but rather have a cloaking ability that grants temporary damage immunity.

Mantis Suzerains can release pheromones to become faster and stronger, but also take more damage from hazards.

Lost Sun Commands can now deploy firebombs.

Improved Suzerain Guard.

Changed the drones the Flagship can spawn during the power surge.

Drone Control systems can now come with more types of drones as free gifts.

Changed the power charging text to no longer be lockdown specific.

Added a custom track for Unexplore Nebula sectors.

Custom beacons now have custom tooltips.

Added customization options for commandos.

Fixed the Orchid Greenhouse and added it back to Orchid Cruisers.

Removed the recycler from Orchid C.

Changed Last Stand entry text. Certain player ships now have their own text as well.

Changed many of the crew types balance wise.

Changed up some event lists to either remove or change the events that spawn in different sectors.

Decreased human's hazard damage resistance.

Added a blue option for Civ C in the Rebel Helpers event. Also added more possible outcomes.

Hacker sector now cant spawn early than sector 2.

Improved the Engineer Mothership sprite.

Decreased the price of Drone Control.

Engi Elites now use the "Harmony" prefix instead of elite.

Increased the charge time of the Mini Defense drone.

Changed the Win-Screen background and credit text.

Elite Slug ships and Hacker ships now have saboteurs as crew.

Falcata now only does 1 system damage.

Rock Outcasts are now identical to regular Rockmen stat wise.

Changed the MFK Ace fleet encounter text.

Decreased engineer repair speed.

Mantis Suzerains full name is now Mantis Suzerain. (wow)


Fixed some tpyos.

Fixed missing combat checks on certain events.

Rock crew types now use the proper stomping particle effects.

Added a permanent fix for the AE events overriding vanilla events.

Fixed the Slaver choice event spawning vanilla slaver ships.

Miniboss events can no longer be overriden by quests.

Fixed text in the lost sun start event.

Fixed the Coalition transport giving a random weapon.

Fixed Commando jobs.

Fixed th e player sometimes getting the enemy defense 2 drone.

Fixed the offset of a few stations.

Ancients now have a proper outline.

Fixed the lanius trapper in the trapper nebula wreck being broken.

Fixed Coalition and Separatist encounters spawning in the first sector.

Fixed combat checks not clearing enemy teleporters when you do nothing.

Fixed the sentient AI still fighting you after a truce.

Temporarily removed the disruptor drone from stores because its not working as intended.

Fake Hacker store tooltip now displays like a regular store.

Fixed orchid start game tip.

Fixed Fabricated drones costing 4 droneparts to craft instead of 3.

Coalition C no longer uses the scanner slug gel as its not necessary anymore.

Adjusted the large enemy box ever so slightly so the hull bar wont run into the UI anymore.


Reorganized the crew in the blueprints file.

Cleaned up crew in the hyperspace files to not have redundant tags.

Moved the logo images to a new folder under the ship folder.
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Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 2.13.1 [The Zoltan Update, part 1]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Mon Jul 06, 2020 2:29 am

2.13.1 is out!
Hyperspace also got a small bug fix patch that is required for the Duskbringer Devotee crew type, so make sure to update that as well!

Also, thanks to SwiftTiger (who also happens to be a dev of Hyperspace) for composing the Auto sector music!

Code: Select all


TheSwiftTiger - composed the Auto Explore and Battle music.


Improved and expanded the Zoltan Capital Sector.

Added more Elite Zoltan ships, and Monk ships.

Added Zoltan Monks, Zoltan Peacekeepers, and Duskbringer Devotees.

Dusk Devotees now spawn in Duskbringer sectors.

Elite Zoltan ships now have elite Zoltan crew.

The Zoltan statis event is now a generic item event in the capital sector.

Zoltan B now starts with a Zoltan Peacekeeper.

Added a Lanius loot transport encounter in the Lanius Swarmlands and 2 new lanius loot drones.

Decreased the health of the asteroid.

Added a line to loot weapon descriptions to inform the player how to see the special modifiers.

Added more Zoltan loot.

Zoltans now use a faction specific drone list.

All Lanius Elites can now have 5 shield layers.

Unexplored Nebula sectors now delay the fleet by 1 jump when you enter them.

Free Mantis A has medbay instead of clonebay, and has an Anti-Person laser instead of adv flak.

Mantis A starts with a basic laser instead of anti-person laser again.

Rebel Sectors only spawn after sector 3 and Stronghold to 5.

Duskbringer C now starts with 2 duskbringer devotees and a zoltan shield bypass.

Increased the brightness of the hacker fake store.

Slightly increased damage from regular zoltan explosions.

Decreased Defense 3 cooldown.

The Rebel Engineer encounter in the last stand can now only appear once.


Fixed some tpyos.

Fixed missing combat checks on certain events.

Fixed the Zoltan guard still dropping Claymore beams.

Fixed the Rock Homeworlds event giving random crew. It also now always gives a crusader.

Asteroid fight event disable hacking and teleporter.

Fixed the Lost Sun challengers not turning peaceful after surrendering.

Fixed the Lost Sun judge not giving anything for flak guns.

Fixed the civilian lost items event.

Fixed the Mantis vs Slug argument event appearing multiple times per sector.

Fixed dual ion glow offset.

Turned off hidden on the transport destroed even so you can see how much resources each of the options give.

Fixed the Engi surrender event not spawning the correct ship.

Shortened the Suzerain's ability name.

Fixed the Last Stand still using a few unaltered vanilla events.


Moved Duskbringer events to their own file.

Changed the prefix for music files to mv.
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Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 2.13.2 [The Zoltan Update, part 2]

Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Tue Jul 07, 2020 5:38 pm

Zoltan Update Part 2 is out!
Special thanks to JumboCarrot for making the Monk Sector explore/battle for us!

Code: Select all


Jumbocarrot - composed the Monk Explore and Battle music.


Added the Monk Refuge, a nebula sector that can only spawn once per game.

The Great Eye event now spawns in the Monk Refuge and has a custom beacon label.

Added 20 new Great Eye outcomes.

Modified the Zoltan unlock event a fair bit. I also only spawns in the Monk Refuge now.

Added Lanius to the pool of options in the rift event.

Modified the disclaimer on level 4 teleporter to be more specific.

Reduced the number of starting crew on Free Mantis A.

Remade Lanius Bomber type B.

Rock Outcasts now learn combat faster.

Stun beam now does even more stun.

Improved Heavy Laser mk 2's sprite.

Odd Moon event now spawns a planet with a moon.

Lost Sun C now has a commando crew member.


Fixed some tpyos.

Fixed a potential crash when exploring at Zoltan exit beacons.

You can no longer give up a weapon at the Zoltan temple, as it wasnt working properly.

Fixed the warning not appearing for Suzerains upgrading the tele at lvl 4.

Fixed some Duskbringer encounters being broken.

Suzerain pheromones no longer triggers nano medbay blue options.
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Postby TheMultiverseTeam » Fri Jul 10, 2020 9:03 pm

2.14 is out!
The next update will be the big 3.0!

Code: Select all


Improved the Slug Home Nebula sector.

Added the Hacker Cruiser type A

Added the Slug Loot transport ship, encounter, and loot drops.

Added [Sale!] Slug sectors, which have a rare chance to spawn at sector 5+ but have an increased number of stores.

Improved the Slug Guard.

The Slug Mind-Control Lab event now works with rockmen and zoltan as well.

Slug Elites now use the prefix "Clairvoyant"

Added new elite rock ships.

Modified Slug sector event lists.

Added more Slug Store text.

You can now get Nights as crew if you force him to surrender.

Slug Elites that can have mind control systems will always start with it.

Increased chain focus cooldown.

Butler drone only uses 1 power now.

Improved the Fed Destroyer sprite.

Added the Hull Laser mk 3 to some enemy lists.

Changed the name of the Saboteur you get from the Last Stand event.

Requesition liscence now always gives a low reward (future updates will be changing the mechanic of the augment as well)

Changed the prefix for the Engi cruisers to Engi instead of Harmony (As Harmony is the elite prefix)

Changed the Monk Sector music list.


Fixed some tpyos.

Fixed some missing combat checks in various events.

Fixed broken nebula sector music.

Fixed the Nebula sector exit beacon having the regular exit tooltip.

Fixed the Chain Focus doing additional system damage rather than less system damage.

Removed a stray pixel on the auto enforcer sprite. (very important!)


Changed the internal name of the Engi Cruisers to PLAYER_SHIP_ENGI

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