FTL Developer Console

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FTL Developer Console

Postby BFrizzleFoShizzle » Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:15 am

Hey all.

Did you know FTL has a developer console? Probably not, since it's hard-coded as being disabled in FTL's code.
This "mod" re-enables it.
Currently, it's only compatible with the windows 1.6.9 steam release of the game. I'm happy to port it to other releases if anyone wants that.

Here's what it looks like in-game:


Note: THIS MODIFIES YOUR FTLGame.exe. If it breaks, you may have to re-install FTL.
Download and unpack the .zip
Run install.bat and follow instructions

Run uninstall.bat and follow instructions
If that doesn't work, go to your FTL directory and rename FTLGame-backup.exe to FTLGame.exe

When in-game, press "L" to open the console.

Console commands: (I haven't figured out all of them)
event [event ID]
Triggers event



Achievement unlock?

sector [sector type]
Immediately jumps to a new sector with the type specified (sector types are in sector_data.xml)

scrap [number]
Gives player scrap equal to the number given

weapon [weapon ID]
Gives player the weapon specified

Unlocks ship?
"ship all" unlocks all ships

drones [number]
Gives player the number of drone parts specified

drone [drone ID]
Gives player the drone specified

fuel [number]
Gives player the amount of fuel specified

missiles [number]
Gives player the amount of missiles specified

hull [number]
Changes the player's hull ingegrity by the amount specified

Adds +80 fuel, missles, and drone parts, as well as +1999 scrap

Upgrades all of players' systems to max

sys [system ID]
Add system to player ship (case-sensitive)

Set current location to be an exit beacon

??? probably something to do with augments

crew [type]
Add crewmember of specified type (case-sensitive) to player ship

Kill non-player ship

Sets language?


Credit where credit is due: I'm not the first one to find the developer console. I think TheSwiftTiger managed to enable it on an older version of FTL a year or two ago. Not sure if that ever got publicly released.

I'll release source code for this mod soon. It'll come as an update to the FTLAPI github repo I started years back.
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Re: FTL Developer Console

Postby bamalf » Tue Jun 25, 2019 6:31 pm

Code: Select all

L to open
EVENT          Run an event.                           Usage: EVENT <event_id>        Example: EVENT FREE_AUG
LOAD           Loads a ship blueprint.                 Usage: LOAD <ship_id> <str>    Example: LOAD MANTIS_BOMBER 5 (with 5 sector strength)
ACH            Unlock achievement.                     Usage: ACH <achievement_id>    Example: ACH ACH_SECTOR_8
SECTOR         Go to sector type.                      Usage: SECTOR <sector_type>    Example: SECTOR PIRATE_SECTOR
SCRAP          Add scrap.                              Usage: SCRAP <num_to_add>      Example: SCRAP 500
WEAPON         Add a weapon blueprint.                 Usage: WEAPON <weapon_id>      Example: WEAPON LASER_BURST_1
SHIP           Unlock a ship.                          Usage: SHIP <ship_id>          Example: SHIP PLAYER_SHIP_MANTIS
DRONES         Add drone parts.                        Usage: DRONES <num_to_add>     Example: DRONES 50
DRONE          Add a drone blueprint.                  Usage: DRONE <drone_id>        Example: DRONE COMBAT_2
FUEL           Add fuel.                               Usage: FUEL <num_to_add>       Example: FUEL 50
MISSILES       Add missiles.                           Usage: MISSILES <num_to_add>   Example: MISSILES 50
RICH           Add 80 of each resource and 1999 scrap. Usage: RICH
GOD            Fully upgrade every system and reactor. Usage: GOD
DELETE         Destroys enemy ship.                    Usage: DELETE
SYS            Add a system.                           Usage: SYS <system_name>       Example: SYS cloaking
AUG            Add an augmentation.                    Usage: AUG <augment_name>      Example: AUG O2_MASKS
CREW           Add a crew member.                      Usage: CREW [race_name]        Example: CREW slug
EXIT           Allows you to exit the sector           Usage: EXIT
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Re: FTL Developer Console

Postby meklozz » Sat Jun 29, 2019 1:18 am

This is really interesting. Do you know if anyone tried to figure out enemy generation/sector in more detail either by code or experimentation? This could really make it much faster to try and note down data, but if there any existing info it would be nice to know first.
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Re: FTL Developer Console

Postby slowriderxcorps » Sat Jun 29, 2019 11:21 am

Just as a small heads-up, I tried to use this on an exe for FTL that was patched with Large Address Aware (since I'm 70% sure that's still a critical thing for running really big mod packs), and the Dev Console patch caused the game to crash in the menus.
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Re: FTL Developer Console

Postby Nescio » Sun Sep 08, 2019 7:22 pm

Could you create this for the GOG version of the game? I would really like to experiment with this, but I don't have the steam version.

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