Limitless Crew Patch [1.6.9 only]

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Limitless Crew Patch [1.6.9 only]

Postby ih8ih8sn0w » Fri May 31, 2019 3:44 pm

This is a simple xdelta patch which disables the check for if you have too many crew members.

You will need to use an xdelta3 patcher to apply the patch to ftl.exe (I have only tested the steam version of the game, and I don't really have the means to see if other releases of the game will work. If you have other versions and confirm it is not working, please DM me and I can try to walk you through finding what needs to be patched)

I recommend using since I cannot find anything simpler.
Place the patcher and xdelta in the same folder as your FTL directory, and run this command in command prompt:

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xdelta3.exe -d -s FTLGame.exe limitless-crew.xdelta3 FTLGame-limitless-crew.exe
or this in powershell:

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./xdelta3.exe -d -s FTLGame.exe limitless-crew.xdelta3 FTLGame-limitless-crew.exe

This will make a copy of the exe with the patch applied. You can just replace the base exe, but I recommend you back that up first if you don't want to use steam repair



(screenshots made sanely possible with the help of the 4x crew mod found here:

Known issues and bugs:
  • I had the game crash when out of fuel and the fleet caught up to me. Relaunching the game put me prior to my "wait" click and I was able to "continue" on.
  • If you look at the dismiss crew tab of your ship, it won't let you click accept until you clear all but 8 crew. You can just hit escape to get out of this window.
  • Various UI gore because no one intended for this many crew members to be present (the crew list on the left of your HUD overflows to the bottom of the screen, you can only see 9 crew members on the dismiss crew tab, etc.)


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