The MSP 1!

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The MSP 1!

Postby Freemankiller » Thu Mar 07, 2019 1:19 pm


Ey look what I made! Look at it, mah!
Replaces the Fed. Cruiser 1

Download: ... 7e8bU_CwDW

The MSP 1 was, uh...a...funky mix of...arlite it's just a poorly drawn ship, that's it.

31 Ship Health
2 Humans 1 Engi
3 Weapon power and 4 Slots, comes with a big boi laser who shoots 2 shots
Can have 2 Drones
All other systems should be able to be bought and used
Comes with free doctor appointment*

Have fun, I guess. I doubt anybody is ever gonna use this mess of a ship.

If you find any problems or bugs, feel free to shitstorm :D
I am aware of the gibs not moving as I don't know how to do that


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