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Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 3:23 pm
by shark
Feature request: improvement
Priority: low
Severity: trivial (unknown)

add events that spawn ghosts with a small chance out of human crewmembers that 'don't make it back'.

whoever gets to make it first commits, i'm just giving you heads-up since you're much more familiar with events than I am at the moment.

If the ghost can retain the dead crewmember's skills that would be awesome. Could be tied with Damaged Stasis Pod so that you get a new crewmember with the ghost's skills.

Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:03 pm
by mattimao
Does this mod contain an asteroid storm event that results in an instant kill? :evil:

If it does... I found it.

Sector 7 with a full powered ship. :cry:

Random death events stink. :o

Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:49 am
by BrenTenkage
The Crystal Scout

Distress Signal found only in Rock Sector, Rebel Sector, and Rock homeworld

You come across a strange ship covered in crystal, is this where the distress signal is?

1. Enter the Ship with your crew

2. Its too risky, lets just blast it, it might be a trap anyway (find some scrap and sometimes a Crystal Weapon)

If you enter the Ship

1. You find the entire strange crew dead, you figured they must have met up with the rebels, you loot the ship for any usual material and leave (leveled Scrap, sometimes a weapon)

2. You find a lone crew member made of crystal, he explains calmly that they were scouting other sectors but came across some strange being who fired upon them, he asks if you know who they were.

1. Explain they must be rebels, and that you are being chased by them.

If you explain

1. The Man grows angry saying, "Then its your fault my people have died" he charges you but your crew was faster, he was shot into pieces, a pity to see such an interesting creature die like this. you loot the ship for all its worth (leveled Scrap, weapons ect.)

2. The man listens and says, "then if they do this to all aliens, then they must be stopped, I will aid you in this fight (new crew member, scrap, ect)

You refuse to explain

1. The Man grows angry saying, "You refuse to help me, then I will take your ship and find my home" He attacks you but you and your crew fights back killing him. Sad to see him die like this. (Leveled scrap, ect)

Blue Event A Crystal Crew Member

Your Crystal Crew member explains to his fellow kind that they must have met up with the Rebels, your crew will need all the help they can get or else all sectors including their home sector is doomed. The Crystal man agrees and joins your crew.

(I figured that another way of getting a Crystal crew member earlier might be helpful to those trying to find the Crystal ship. They still need to be lucky, but at least its slighty easier)


The Mantis Temple

Found only in Mantis controlled Sectors or the home World

You land your ship on a strange jungle planet, you see a temple where many mantis could be seen training their body and minds...

1. You enter the temple

If you enter

1. The Mantis angry into your intrusion attacks you, you were able to get back to your ship, however you check your crew members...someone didn't make it (lose a crew member)

2. The Mantis welcome you, saying they don't get many visitors. They explain that you have entered a temple of learning and peace. They offer your entire crew training in combat, but it will take a few cycles...

1. Leave (lose nothing)

2. Stay (one turn passes, all crew members gain half a bar of combat experience)

Blue choice, Mantis Crew Member

Your Mantis Crew member looks at the temple markings, he explains this is a temple of peace, warriors here learn to calm their minds and bodies and are friendly to outsiders. It would be safe to go in. (go to the peacefull entering option)

(I figured this would help with the back story of the mantis, as well as a way to give your crew fighting experience)


Rioting in the Streets

Distress Signal, found only in Civilian controlled sectors or Rebel Controlled sectors

You follow the distress signal to the planets surface, their is rioting in the streets, people are demanding to join the rebellion. The leader of the planet begs you to help quell the rebellion

1. Try and reason with them

a. The people listen to you, after you explain to them of the horrible crimes the rebellion did, they realized their mistake, in return they donate scrap to the fedderation, and even repair your ship (gain scrap and ship's hull is repaired)

b. The people are angry that you dare try to stop the, you have to get out of here. (you leave)

c. The people get violent, you try to escape but one of your crew members gets captured and then hung in the streets, you shed a tear for the poor soul before leaving (leaving, lose a crew member)

2. No way, I am not risking my crew (you leave)

Blue Event, Mantis and rock Crew Member (must have both)

Your mantis friend begins to threaten the crowds of people with your rockman backing him up, the combination of a living stone wall and a giant insect is more then enough to convince them. The leader is glad you could quell them and he gives you plenty of scrap in return (gain scrap)

Blue Event, any fire weapon

You fire your blazing weapon upon the crowds, while many people died, it is more then enough for them to scatter and get captured by proper athorties, The leader while concerned by your methods does pay you for your troubles (gained level scrap)

Blue event, Anti-bio beam

You fire the anti bio beam on the rioters, in no time the bodies filled the street. When you come back for your reward the leader is angery. Not only does he refuse to give you your payment, when you return to your ship you find a military battle ship firing upon you for your crime. (Battle againt a basic federation ship, standured rewards)

The Back Alley Gambler

Found in a Civilian Sector

While on a Nearby Satelite you find a Gambler who wishes to make a bet, 50 Scrap you could double. Just pick the cup you think the little moon rock is in


1. You win another 50, and walk off feeling lucky

2. Too bad, you picked wrong, the gambler walks off laughing

Blue Choice, Have a slug Crew Member

The Slug Crewman reads the man's mind from afar and signals to you with hand signals which cup to pick. You win 50 more scrap

Blue Choice, Have a Mantis Crew Member

Your Mantis Friend, Picks a cup, the Gambler now fearing for his life, didn't lift the cup, he just gave the pay out, along with a map signal where a cache of scrap and weapons are. (quest icon now active either in sector of the next)

You go to the signal

1. You find the cache on a small moon floating around the planet. (Find Leveled Scrap, and so on, and sometimes a weapon)

2. Its a Trap, the Rebels were waiting for someone to fall for the Gambler's trick. You better take them out before you even think of venegance

3. The Area is empty, the gambler tricked you

If you were tricked by either there being nothing or a rebel trick you can sometimes find the Gambler again prompting this little event

You walk along the satelite and to your shock you find a familer face. Either by dumb luck, or some cosmic coicidence, you find the man who tricked you.

The man now fearing for his life, remebering the mantis friend you had, gives you a lot of his "hard earned" scrap and a weapon for your ship. He also offer's his service as a crew member

You can choose to hire him he would be a human.

nothing happens either way.

The Two Ships in battle

Found in the rock Sector or the Rock home World

You find Two Rock Ships fighting each other before you can react you get a hail from both of them at the same time, they both say the same thing, "Stay out of this, this is personal"

1. You leave them alone, rocks are rocks, and rocks hurt when mad.

2. You fire upon them (get into a fight with a rock ship, after words you are forced into another fight, teleported crew brought back automaticly for this fight only)

Blue Choice, you have a Rock Crew Member

The Rock Crew Member asked, "A battle of Honor?"

The Two ships speak, "Yes a battle of honor, for a treasure was lost, their clan lost our treasure-"

The other shouts, "We returned it, you blame us for your loss and dishonor your clan!"

Your rock Crew member mutters in your ear that perhaps helping them would be wise, clans like them pay a lot for those who help them.

you tell them you wish to help settle this so no one needs to die, the clan who lost the treasure tells you the location of the ship that was carrying the treasure, or at least last coridants (quest Marker)

You go to the Quest marker

You land on the planet and find the crashed rock ship and look through the wreckage, looking at the controls, you realize they had power, they didn't break midflight, but why did they crash? You hear something in the cargo bay.

1. Run out, don't go back, this isn't worth dying for (ends mission)

2. Investigate

You walk into the cargo bay and find a rock man muttering to himself, he is cradling what looks like a ball of mutiple colored crystals. That must be the treasure, You speak up and the rock man ignores you muttering, "My treasure, must protect, my precious, my life..."

You never knew that Rock men could cry. you realize the treasure must be doing something to his mind, you could take it back to the clans and get rewarded by them both...but you doubt it would be wise given the treasure's nature as well as the current holder.

1. kill the rockman and bring the treasure back (quest marker)

You shoot the rockman in the back of his head, the granit brains crumbling on the floor, he never even noticed you. You grab the treasure and head out

2. Shoot the treasure

The crystal ball shattered into literally billions of peirces, the rockman blinked a few times and turns to you. After you explain why you are here, the man explains the treasure controlled his mind, he couldn't put it away. You tell him you could take him home but he refused, now indebted to you for saving his life he joins your crew (new rockman crew member)

You go the quest becon

You return to the fueding clans and present the treasure to them.

1. Explain what you saw

They look at it in shock and horror, the clan who blamed the first opens fire on the shard and thanks you for warning them. You are presented many gifts and asked to choose one


Fix entire Hull

A New weapon (usually a missle launcher)

A lot of scrap (around 100)

2. You keep your mouth shut

You decided not to tell them, maybe the rockman was just crazy, nothing to worry about, and hey more scrap...

Two events can happen

1. The clans look at the orb and then each other, to your horror they open fire on each other, you barely have time to escape before a hull it burst open and they are dead (no reward)

2. The clans look at the orb and confirm it is the treasure, you are presented plenty of scrap for your trouble, they even repair your hull saying you deserve it.

These are in fact events I sent the creators, I want these to help the game ,so if you can use them thanks, if not, well I tried ^_^ sorry for the bad spelling, me stupid sumtimes LOL

Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:20 pm
by EdenNov
I don't think it's possible to get exp from events, also I'm generally against blue options being bad.

Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:02 am
by BrenTenkage
EdenNov wrote:I don't think it's possible to get exp from events, also I'm generally against blue options being bad.

Like I said I sent them to the creators, who knows, maybe there will be added events where you can get EXP, like maybe finding Engi who would train your crew in repair, mantis for fighting and so on as for Blue Events being bad. Just because you have a blue event, doesn't mean it is always gonna be good

Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:30 am
by EdenNov
Still, a blue option for a generally worthless weapon that 100% of the time gets you a worse result than any other option (maybe except losing crew, but that's only 33% of 1 option)? I don't think that's smart.

Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:10 pm
by Thunderbird980
I'm fine with blue options being bad as long as they represent a stupid decision (like using a bomb weapon to kill intruders on a vital part of the ship).

Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:48 pm
by BrenTenkage
Thunderbird980 wrote:I'm fine with blue options being bad as long as they represent a stupid decision (like using a bomb weapon to kill intruders on a vital part of the ship).

that why I included the biobeam option, you can still get a reward, too bad you need to fight for it LOL

Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:25 am
by BrenTenkage
Hey I don't seem to be able to find the events, how would I know the mod is installed, mind adding say in the beggining text that the mod is installed, or prepare for new events or something like that?

Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:03 am
by Thunderbird980
My stuff is up to free use, if anybody else wants to use it. (page 6 to download)