Additional Events & Texts (AET)

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Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Postby Aric_D » Mon Mar 25, 2013 11:02 pm

Event Idea: when you encounter a rebel drone "powered down" it gives you the option to download it's data or strip it for about an additional option if you have an Endi on board: "reprogram and reconfigure the drones jump signature to match yours" if you are successful, you get a text saying something like: "The enemy drone jumps away to a random series of beacon's, the drone will show up as your vessel on any rebel ships sensors. That should slow the rebels down for awhile!" basically reducing rebel fleet speed by 50% in your present sector. If you fail, you get a message saying something like: "While attempting to reprogram the drone, your endi crew-member accidentally trips the drone computers security system. The vessel Immediately vents it's interior to space, sucking out your helpless crew-member. The drone then turns and commences an attack run on your ship." basically killing your endi and attacking you. Feel free to tweak or criticize.
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Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Postby DragudoFire » Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:43 am

Heres a few ideas for a event, "You see a ship in the distance, it hails you and says, We are bounty hunters, have you seen this man? A image appears on the screen and you realize that it is one of your men"
1. Lie and say that you saw him a few jumps away
2 Give up the member

1a. 50% that they beleave you and thank you for your time
1b. 50% chance that they had scanned your ship, and causes them to attack

2a. 25% chance for reward +200 scrap and a weapon
2b. 25% They thank you and say you did the right thing -1 crew member
2c. 50% They tell you that this is the wrong person and leave

Speacial (sensors 2+) You scan there jump logs and realize that they are bandits, and you attack them
(Engines 3+) Try and outrun them if failled you have to fight them

And one more "You have been working hard trying to avoid the rebel fleet, so you decide to rest on the nearby planet . While waiting to get your rooms you overhear people from the other room talking, you hear a man bellow *I CAN BEAT ANYONE IN A ARM WRESTLING MATCH!!!* "Hearing the man boast arrogantly you start counting out your scrap"

1. Bet 20 and get 40 for winning
2. Bet 40 and get 80 for winning
3. Bet 100 and get 250 for winning

"After deciding how mutch to bet you go up to the man and tell him that you would like to challenge him, he laughs and says *Alright witch of your crew wants to face me?"

1. Human
2. Engi
3. Mantis
4. Zoltan
5. Slug
6. Rockman
7 (Crystal special)

Human has 50% of winning 25% of losing and 25% of dying
Engi has 25% of winning 50% of losing and 25% of dying
Mantis has 80% of winning and 20% of losing
Zoltan same as human
Slug 60% win 20% lose 20% 20% dying
Rockman same as mantis
Crystal scares the man and he decides to back down and gives you partial of what you bet, 20% less than what you should have won

Win for Human and zoltan "Your Human/Zoltan member somehow won! You collect the prize money and procced to your rooms"

Win for Mantis and Rockman "Your powerful Mantis/Rockman easily overpowers the man, you collect your money and procced to your rooms

Win for engi "Some how your engi wins! The man must be weaker than he looks, you collect your money and procced to your rooms

Slug win "Your slug's slime makes the opponent's arm slip, causing you to win, you collect your money and prooced to your rooms

Lose for except Manti and rock "It seems that your crew member was just to weak to be able to defeat the man, you sulkingly procced to your rooms

Death for all except manti and rock "The man must have been stronger than you realize, when he relizes he is going to lose he decides to rip of your members arm, since there are no doctors in the building your member bleeds to death -1 memb of whatever you chose

lose for Rock/Mantis " The man was losing so he decided to try and rip your arm off, luckily your members body was use to combat, you were able to easily counter the mans attack, knocking him to the floor, as he gets up he decides to make a hasty retreat along with the scrap"

Welp thats all i can think of, sorry that i made it a essay and a half, tweak it and what not
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Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Postby Aric_D » Tue Mar 26, 2013 4:56 am

I like the bounty hunter idea
Bonnie Lass
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Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Postby Bonnie Lass » Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:39 pm

Line 125 of names.xml.append:

This should be:

Line 163 of names.xml.append:

This should be:
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Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Postby SomeFederationPerson » Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:09 am

Ideas for an event

Hidden federation colony

You arrive at a hidden federation colony that has managed to hide from the rebels until now and it's being attacked by a rebel scout.

(Battle with rebel fighter)

*If ship surrenders,

The rebel ship hails you, "We surrender! One less colony isn't going to make a difference"

Accept surrender (small reward)
"Letting you live does not make everything better, your cause is the reason so many people are dead" (continue fight)

(Rebel ship destroyed) The rebel ship explodes into pieces and you scrap it of useful supplies (medium scrap reward)

The federation colony hails you, "Thank you for saving our colony, I can see your part of the federation. We have been isolated since the federation had collapsed and now we want open trade routes to help the federation. We have to do it in secret because of the rebels but for now take this weapon, augment and scrap to help you destroy the rebels."
(Random weapon, augment and a medium scrap reward)
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Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Postby Rworqx » Fri Sep 20, 2013 7:00 pm

i like the idea of the space cafe and the bounty hunter.
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Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Postby JangoBunBun » Thu Jan 16, 2014 2:27 am

I have found a bug, but cannot find where to report it. Do i report it here, or...?
I'm new to the forums, so i don't know these things.
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Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Postby DAOWAce » Thu Jan 16, 2014 2:57 am

The mod is pretty much abandoned; no point in submitting bug reports with the intent of having the author fix it, though anyone else can take it up regardless so it's still worth it to do so.

Basically, unless the author comes back, you'll have to edit the code on github to correct issues and hope he merges it and compile it yourself.
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Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Postby UltraMantis » Thu Jan 16, 2014 9:26 am

This is the correct place to post bug reports. And it's true the mod isn't being developed any further, but feel free to post if you think it's usefull. :)
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Re: Additional Events & Texts (AET)

Postby Donbuster » Mon Jan 20, 2014 3:40 pm

I have a new hazardous beacon type (like an asteroid field, Ion storm, or supernova)

It appears that the beacon has been placed to close to a large, gaseous, planet, and you are not in a stable orbit. If you are too deep in the atmosphere when your FTL charges, you will be unable to jump.

Basically, you are given a blue option, if you have upgraded engines, you can fire up your impulse engines to have a chance of stabilizing your orbit, if not, the following things happen
1) you receive occasional random damage from the heat of reentering a Jupiter-like planet. This damage will be less often and lower depending upon your shield level.
2) debris will hit your ship with a high breach chance. This damage will be less often and lower depending upon your shield level, you are also able to dodge this damage.
3) Next to or ontop of the jump button, a red gauge will start to fill; after a minute, when its full, you will only be given the option to wait.

4) assuming you are forced to wait, you take substantial damage from landing. an entire new event tree can be created from landing upon what is essentially the core of a gas giant planet. for instance, maybe you are able to find other ships crashed nearby, with or without survivors. maybe the beacon is a trap for an engie salvage operation, perhaps you can find other ships crashed nearby, salvage engines, get a free engine upgrade from salvaging (perhaps blue option if you have engie crew would be to get system upgrades off of old ships) and escape the planet, but with extra fuel used, perhaps there's a store upon the surface selling the usual. A ship could pass the planet, and hail you from orbit, saying that this happens often, and its his job to get people off. you could cram a good 50-70 events into the crash, and i'm sure you will have many more ideas, as there is much more you can do here than in space.

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