Crystallum Mk II [Ship]

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Crystallum Mk II [Ship]

Postby Mackchee » Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:06 am

Hi! About 10 months ago I uploaded a ship called the Crystallum. It was my first mod and not a very good mod (it just screwed up some of the upgrades for me and it had a hull image made from one of the gibs in superluminal and it had no cloak and had no gibs. I had no clue what I was doing). Luckily for me Arfy gave me some great tips on how to mod well and here I am presenting to you the Crystallum Mk II.

It is a ship made from a small part of the Crystal Ship B.

Starts with

Burst Laser II and Crystal Burst I

Crystal Vengeance

Crew: 2 Crystal, 1 Engi


I am so glad to have returned to modding and I would love feedback on this ship and what could be improved.

Special thanks to Arfy who gave me all those tips on how to make a good ship and gave me a warm welcome to the FTL modding community.

Download link: ... r.ftl?dl=0
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