[SHIP][WEAPON] Bulwark 2 with decoys

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[SHIP][WEAPON] Bulwark 2 with decoys

Postby draeken » Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:36 pm

What this mod does:

Add a Rock A replacement : It is the exact same as the Bulwark from Twinge's balance mod , BUT has a decoy missile launcher
Add a weapon: decoy missile launcher:shoots 4 missiles for 1 power , 1 missile resource and 7 cooldown!. They deal no damage, so they are intended to mess with defense drones. The missiles have 10% breach and fire too, so they are not 100% useless. Also, it has rarity 0

Balance and future maybes:
In terms of gameplay and balance, this is intended to help a missile focused ship. I want to make it so you can play rock A without selling all the starter stuff for lasers. So you would probably need to lower the store cost of missiles a bit to make it work.
If you guys want I can add to the mod a missile cost reduction from 6 to 4, which I use.
Also, if you guys know any way to make a defense drone killer, id love to hear it
Im also considering making the decoy missiles cost 0,and having no breach/stun, only 10% or 5% fire

Download: http://hitfile.net/AcvM11N

Image -> it seems im using the Img post option wrong

Modding and
Comment1 : no custom images or anything, if this looks amateurish, I dont mind moving it to mods under development (no development plans atm though).
Also, 1 noob modding question: in the blueprint.xml.append , <weaponList missiles="bla" count="4"> blabla</weaponList> is there any problem if count = 4, but i only add 3 weapons?
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Re: [SHIP][WEAPON] Bulwark 2 with decoys

Postby porcu93 » Fri Oct 30, 2020 11:33 pm

Well, this was an easy remake: take the Rock A; add Explosive Replicator; take the code of the Leto,edit it and add the new edited weapon to the ship; add 1 extra level to weapons and 1 extra reactor power; save, zip, rename and upload. So here's the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SW1NpVblNvH_IKZU7Afyn8G6X739b5af/view?usp=sharing