[FLAGSHIP] Auto-flagship [Test}

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[FLAGSHIP] Auto-flagship [Test}

Postby Lord_Tourettes » Wed Jul 19, 2017 1:39 am

***PLEASE NOTE I' may re-upload when totally satisfied***

Please test my redisgn of the Rebel flagship via : https://www.mediafire.com/folder/32hv58 ... o_Flagship

===SUPER IMPORTANT=== Make sure you install all three .ftl files from the link

My thoughts: I always thought the AI takeover was kinda weird when all of the AI ships had their own asthetic to them... so I applied it to the flagship, plus I tweaked around with the sysytems to make it feel a bit fresh... Enjoy :D

Bibliograhy: I did use another mod maker's assets so I will credit kartoFlane for the middle part of the hull where i took and edited it to better suit the flagship...

Don't forget to tell me what you think!

(I intentionally left out a screenshot because I want it to be a surprise :P )

=============================================SPOILER DO NOT READ BELOW BEFORE PLAY UNLESS YOU LIKE SPOILERS===================================

Specific changes: I added all crew access to the artillery to change the strategy (fending off raids) and tweaked the drone system (its a surprise :D ) and added a few augments to compliment the beast. (Phase 1; Mantis Pheromones, Engi medibot, Drone reacor boost; Phase 2: Drone Reactor, ENgi Medibot, reverse-ion; Phase 3: Zoltan Shield, Rock Plating, Zoltan SHield Bypass) The ship is now significantly harder to get aboard, Good luck! :D

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