[SHIP] Rebel Light-Cruiser and Rebel Freighter

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[SHIP] Rebel Light-Cruiser and Rebel Freighter

Postby slowriderxcorps » Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:47 pm

It's been quite some time since I've done an actual shipmod for FTL. Or more specifically, since the last time I officially posted one to the forums. But now, from the depths of places best left unknown, come a quartet of hulking Rebel Cruisers waiting to turn against their own kind.

There are two different shipmods here, and both of them replace the Lanius Cruiser. You can manually edit them to replace other ships if you wish.

First off, the Rebel Light-Cruiser, a dual-hull design that was inspired by the twin-hull racing craft in the WipEout series.

Rebel Light-Cruiser Type A - Duality
Light only in the sense that its overall mass is smaller than the cruisers in the Rebel Armada equipped with Anti-Ship Batteries, this ship was designed as a testbed for an experimental weapons platform. Fascinated by the technology they found in a captured Federation Cruiser, the Rebels tried to create an emulation of the powerful Artillery Beam using the equipment available to them. Tests proved troublesome, and the system was stripped from the cruiser pending further improvements. However before the finalised version could be tested, the craft was hijacked by Rebel defectors and flown to the Federation Hangar. If you're playing content expansions, you might get the chance to test this experimental technology yourself.

In the condition that it makes it to the hangar, this cruiser equips a powerful pair of engines that grants it a greater ability to avoid taking damage compared to other ships, and its arsenal is comprised of a singular weapon, the four-shot Laser Charger. An unusually-versatile gun, it can rapidly lay down fire on defenseless craft as well as store up a dense volume of fire to help it weaken more resilient foes.

The primary weakness of the Rebel Light-Cruiser design is that it's bigger than it appears at first glance. Because the only passage to the other side of the ship is at the rear, the amount of time it takes for crew to travel from the end of one hull to the other is substantial.

Rebel Light-Cruiser Type B - The Raven
The markings on this cruiser don't match anything in the Federation Database... It was simply delivered to the hangar and those responsible for its arrival left in a shuttle before they could be questioned. Who knows what the true intentions or identities are of those people.

The equipment on board this cruiser appears to be extremely discreet, as if it was meant to attract as little attention as possible. The only thing that's missing from it to truly make it the craft of a spy is a good cloaking device. The combination of a Crew Teleporter and Hacking drones makes for a means to sabotage hostile craft quite unlike anything else around. The modified drones deployed by the ship also paralyse all crew members within the afflicted system, which can prove decisive in the hands of a captain skilled enough to take advantage of it. Just be careful not to stun your own boarders with it...

However as a clandestine cruiser, it lacks a very important tool in its arsenal, a means of defending itself directly. With no Weapons, it is completely reliant on manual sabotage to prevent the ship from taking severe amounts of damage. Thankfully, the Holograms on board can safely board and neutralise automated craft, although they cannot safely destroy them without sacrificing themselves.

There is a patch included in the download for this ship that enables the use of Holograms in Non-Expanded FTL. Without this patch, the Holograms will be replaced by Humans.

Download the Rebel Light-Cruiser from Dropbox

But that's not all. After procrastinating on it for two years or so, another Rebel Cruiser mod that was never released finally sees the official light of day. Although its secrecy is probably for good reason, as it just doesn't look as fancy as the latest creation.

Rebel Freighter Type A - The Bastion
A behemoth of a vessel, these freighters were designed for the mass transportation of goods, materials, weapons, prisoners... everything. They weren't designed to take part in firefights with smaller ships, and were often escorted by a small squadron of Rebel Fighters. This one won't be having such a luxurious journey, captured in-transit and taken to the Federation Hangar.

With only a pair of weak lasers, an obsolescent missile launcher and barely enough hardpoints to carry them all, the lack of immediate combat ability of this freighter is apparent from the offset. In addition, the ship is colossal and makes it not easy for the crew to move around from system to system. The saving grace comes in the form of the cargo it was carrying upon its capture. The price these goods will fetch at the first vendor able to purchase them will give the captain a substantial budget with which to make the cruiser capable of fighting effectively.

Rebel Freighter Type B - The Palisade
A prisoner transport with a small backstory of its own. The crew of this ship were overconfident in the malicious treatment of the Federation officers they were carrying and beating for days on end. One slip-up by the Rebels, and the determined prisoners made their move and captured the entire ship. Now free from their shackles, these brave officers make flight to the Federation Base to exact personal revenge upon the Rebellion.

Equipped to a thematic degree and painted over during its brief stay in the hangar, this ship is surprisingly capable for a prisoner transport. The lasers it carries are both fast and powerful, although it only has one remaining hardpoint to work with. The Fire Suppression which was previously used to deliberately douse and torment the prisoners will help with its actually-intended role of dousing flames, helpful due to the ships' otherwise cumbersome layout. And the security drone that wasn't turned on at the time of the takeover now works for them the dissuade enemies from taking the fight directly to the crew.

Download the 'Long Haul' Rebel Freighter from Dropbox
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Re: [SHIP] Rebel Light-Cruiser and Rebel Freighter

Postby I_am_person » Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:42 pm

Ah, that second ship's color scheme. Yeah, it was a good series.
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