BWI Bulwark/The Ram/Supercharger

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Re: BWI Bulwark/The Ram/Supercharger

Postby rsethc » Sun Jun 23, 2019 4:56 am

Really neat mod, I particularly liked the 'capacitor' weapons and the 'plasma artillery' which I encountered in a store and bought (I assume it's part of this mod because I was running the game with no others currently installed). A few things I noticed though, when I played through a game using "The Supercharger" (type C):

Buying a drone system in stores gives you a drone system with no drone slots (if you are intended not to be allowed any drones, is it possible to remove the drone system option from stores?).

While the ships do show up in the Hangar, it seems the thumbnails for them are broken.

Plasma artillery is a neat concept - being able to spit hot fire at the enemy ship - but the implementation could do with some improvements where possible: (1) it fires 30 shots in one burst but the most fire it can ever spawn is 4 fires if it hits a 2x2 room, I would have been more impressed if it could hit other rooms; (2) it looks like the shots it fires are invisible, if nothing else maybe just use the image of a fire itself? or a recolored Heavy Laser blast that's been turned red? (3) requiring no power is a strange characteristic, not necessarily a bad one but the description of the gun could offer some insight into how. -- If the 'plasma artillery' is not part of this mod then just disregard all of this I guess.

As I said before, I simply was using this mod and none others, so maybe some of those weird behaviors were a result of missing some sort of dependency.

Anyway, this is a pretty cool mod, thank you for making it available.

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