[Ship hub/pack] fdagpigj's Hangar

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[Ship hub/pack] fdagpigj's Hangar

Postby fdagpigj » Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:04 pm

I've made a handful of custom player ships by now, so I think it's about time to make a hub, a place where you can find each of them easily and that I can link to in my sig. But because simply making a listing of the threads of each one seems too self-promotey and lazy, I decided to compile them into a single mod so you can download and install them all at once. I'll try to keep it updated as I finish new mods (I'm not retiring yet), but just because new ships sometimes need to be patched several times after release, I probably won't do it right away (also, if I someday make a ship that isn't compatible with the others, I'll simply link to it). (And sorry Bio, I broke my "promise" of giving them artillery systems to be used with CE, the effort required simply isn't worth it for such minimal benefit. Instead I re-set the rarity of that system to 0.)

v1.2.1: Dropbox - Google Drive
Only change since v1.2.0 is that the shield image of the Robotic Takeover apparently had gotten corrupted between 1.1.0 and 1.2.0, so I fixed that. I hope there aren't others that I didn't notice.
v1.2.0: Dropbox
Only change since v1.1.0 is the addition of the Pyroclast ship.
v1.1.0: Dropbox
Changes since v1.0.0:
  • Added an extra airlock to The Pinkyller because the layout was a bit too mean. This change is not yet in the ship's individual mod.
  • Added the Robotic Takeover ship.
v1.0.0: Dropbox

This pack contains (ordered by publish date):

- Fdager-649; A stealth ship with mind control and fire. Replaces Stealth A.
- Sufdawg; An oxygenless lanius-crystal boarding ship. Replaces Lanius A.
- Camoufdage; A stealth ship with supershield but no crew or drones. Quite powerful. In this pack it replaces Stealth B.
- The Pinkyller; Simply put, a zoltan ship based entirely on stupid things. In this pack it replaces Zoltan A.
- The Fake Slug; A slug ship, minus the slugs. Replaces Slug A.
- A bonus ship in the form of a rebalanced version of a ship that I didn't include here (because it wasn't fun). Replaces Rock A.
- Robotic Takeover; Engi boarding. Replaces Engi A.
- The Pyroclast; Rock boarding with a dual-purpose bomb. Replaces Rock B.
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Re: [Ship hub/pack] fdagpigj's Hangar

Postby Biohazard063 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:41 pm

Told you the artillery was going to be too much to do all at once. ;)
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Re: [Ship hub/pack] fdagpigj's Hangar

Postby fdagpigj » Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:59 pm

Biohazard063 wrote:Told you the artillery was going to be too much to do all at once. ;)

Ehhh... it really wouldn't be any easier to do one at a time. I'd still need to load up CE to get the sprites (or else make my own) and align it so it looks half-decent either in Superluminal or by guessing some numbers. Just really not something I want to mess with because I don't use CE myself, and I don't even know that it makes the experience any better.

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