The Fractal (Engi Cruiser A) [WEAPON] [SHIP]

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The Fractal (Engi Cruiser A) [WEAPON] [SHIP]

Postby Arfy » Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:00 am


So, some Engi Cultists banded together and created this ship. Relying on a hull damaging-fire-starting-ion effector weapon and a system-crew damaging mine launcher, it's also equipped with advanced drones.


You could also call this ship/weapons, "Me experimenting with different filters", because that is literally what I did to create them.

Weapon assets are from Captain's Editions ['Candle' effector and 'Hope' Minelauncher]
Created using Superluminal
Weapons/Ship made with

v1.0: Initial release

Criticism is always welcomed!
Discord: ATLAS#9226

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