[AE][Ship] Indomitable Cruiser (Types A, B & C)

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Re: [AE][Ship] Indomitable Cruiser (Types A, B & C)

Postby stylesrj » Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:48 pm

SentryJumper wrote:The crew getting stuck in the drone bay was a problem I found in playtesting an older version, where the drone ba was in the path between the doors linking the main ship and the pilot. In the current version, it is impossible for crew to get stuck as there is no way to cross the boundary of the drone room even in transit.

I'm one of those people who doesn't mind disconnected rooms.
But there are those who don't like them or don't understand how they work, then go complain or Reddit or the whatnot that the ship is broken without understanding that it's a game problem.

And as modders it's our duty to cater for those people's high standards.

Also, have you posted that mod you mentioned making? It sounds interesting to play.

Right now it's been on the shelf for a year or so I think.
But if you want the Weapons Room Sacrifice ship, the Druuge Mauler has you covered:

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