[Ship] Sufdawg

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[Ship] Sufdawg

Postby fdagpigj » Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:26 pm

Story and stuff
I decided I wanted to make a ship with a unique boarding team, and, well, so I did (I think the original inspiration came from oxygenless challenge runs)... the images was the biggest delaying factor, because I had to throw some ugly shit together in gimp. But yeah, the name actually just comes from "suffocate" (or "suffer" if you prefer, why not) and my username, but then Ani came up with a brilliant pun and I had to change the name to make it more obvious...

So yeah, this is essentially a lanius ship that had an unfortunate accident with a crystal ship. So unfortunate in fact that all the crystal crew seems to have been impaled by the sharp spikes protruding from the front of any decent lanius cruiser.


changes since 1.4:
  • now has a custom weapon, just a modified version of the Crystal Heavy 2, with 17 second cooldown instead of 19 and locks down the room it hits. Sorry crystal heavy 2, you suck just that much
  • changed clonebay so the cloning machine now takes up a slot as on all other ships, to avoid a visual issue (if you buy clonebay)
  • now starts with 2 ghost crewmembers so you're not as horribly understaffed
The only change since 1.3 is fixing a mistake which caused O2 to cost 0... :?
The only change since 1.2 is that ghost crew cost is now 40 instead of 0, rarity is still 0 though, because apparently CE has some sectors that overwrite their rarity to non-0 (similar to how in vanilla, crystal sectors overwrite the default rarity of everything) to serve as a safeguard from getting free crew. 40 because they're obviously better than anything besides lanius until you get oxygen.
changes since 1.1:
  • added the ghost blueprint to the ship mod itself because honestly, I don't think changing CE lore is a big deal. I also changed it a slight bit because the one I had I'd copied from another mod and forgot to change the powerList, and also removed colorList because apparently it could randomly cause issues.
  • the ship now replaces Lanius A instead of Crystal A because that makes more sense
changes since 1.0:
  • included oxygen cost change in base mod as it appears to be less common in overhaul mods than I thought, and lowered it to 30 (from 50)
  • removed dependency on USB since no other mods use it and as such it actually makes them less compatible
  • slightly improved the glow on the hull image
v1.1 and v1.0 also require a mod to patch in the ghost race blueprint. Download for one such mod I made myself or you can play with CE or whatever. Should be loaded before the ship mod, at least if you're using v1.1.
v1.0 requires Universal Starting Beacon 1.2 by kartoFlane

(If you need a mirror, do let me know)

I don't want to spoil it here even though you might be able to figure it out from the screenshot... but yeah, CH2 has 100% breach chance.

Other useful info
  • Replaces Lanius A
  • 7 starting power
  • Features about 150% moar jokes than my previous ship (Fdager-649)
  • Demonstrates my horrible GIMPing skills
  • Has 3 drone slots if you buy drone control. Not sure why, but it does.
  • Does not have a room assigned for artillery so I guess if you're playing with CE you might want to use a mod that sets the rarity of artillery to 0
  • Uses no custom weapons because the underused Crystal Heavy 2 already accomplishes everything you might want it for with this ship. Scrap that, 1.5 uses a buffed version because it's too damn weak by default.

Showcase videos

Thanks to Anistuffs for giving feedback on my ideas and inspiration with names and stuff I guess
Thanks to Biohazard063 for some advice on how to make it slightly more compatible with other mods and stuff I guess
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Re: [Ship] Sufdawg

Postby Biohazard063 » Thu Sep 29, 2016 9:42 am

Did a run with this one. First episode will probably go online Friday.

Only thing I encountered that you may still want to have a look at is the fact that AI Avatars/ghosts cost 0 scrap in stores.
Meaning it was fairly easy (and cheap) to get some more crew on board without having to invest in oxygen.

The rest, you can see in the showcase.
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