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Re: The Scrapper

Postby stylesrj » Sat Jul 16, 2016 4:40 am

Well from loading up the ship initially, I can see that you need a miniship icon and not just one of the achievement boxes.
The ship itself is an interesting concept but the fact that it starts with maxed out Drone Control and full reactor bars means I have less of an incentive to upgrade.

It is supposed to be a broken part of an Engi Cruiser so why does it suddenly have end-game equipment and drones? The Engi A could have used those ya know.

As for the equipment it has... all you need is the Slug Repair Gel and the Recovery Arm. The Reactor Booster is vendor trash, along with the Boarding Drone. But because the systems are maxed out already, there seems to be little point to getting as much Scrap as possible which is one of the things that wanted me to keep playing - What systems do I power manage, when do I swap the drones and where do I spend my Scrap? Those choices are removed and well I can't find myself flying the ship for very long.

So what I recommend: 7-10 Reactor Power bars, level 1 shields and engines, keep the drone slots and make Drone Control level 4 so you can at least power up the Combat Drone and Beam Drone and swap to defensive if needed.
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Re: The Scrapper

Postby porcu93 » Sat Sep 19, 2020 7:57 pm

So, this is an awkward looking post to resurrect, but I have even this one on my computer, so I gave the room a new look and moved the single weapon mount and gave it another direction to its power up movement, as it was going inside the ship. Also, after reading stylesrj's suggestion I've prepared 2 versions of this ship: one in its original setup and one with the suggested balance, so you can see why he suggested those changes.
Here's the link: